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Searching for Creative Solutions Inspires Nina Karapetyan to Innovate at VMware Armenia

At VMware Armenia, being successful is just as much about loving your work as it is about knowledge and expertise. Connect with Nina Karapetyan, Member of Technical Staff, and see how passion shapes her role and the community at VMware Armenia.


Nina_Karapetyan_photo_1Name: Nina Karapetyan

Role: Member of Technical Staff

Office Location: Yerevan, Armenia

Years at VMware: 2

Favorite Tech Innovation: Over the past decade, there have been so many interesting innovations (many of which are really revolutionary), that it is hard to say which is my favorite. But if we’re talking about recent ones, I would have to say the idea of Bitcoin.


What is your role? Which products and solutions do you work on?

I am working on vC Ops (vCenter Operations Manager) within vcops-product team. Currently my team is working on a new generation of vC Ops, which is a scalable and highly available monitoring and management system. Within the vcops-bridge project, we’re implementing business logic of the vC Ops. My day-to-day work is to fully understand UE team requirements and how to get appropriate information from the vcops-platform in the most effective and optimal way.

Why did you choose VMware?

I chose VMware because it is the leader in virtualization technology and cloud infrastructure solutions. It is a pleasure to be a part of such a successful company and take part in developing innovative technologies.Nina_Karapetyan_photo_3

How do VMware’s shared values (execution, passion, integrity, customers and community) come to life at your site?

We’re continuously striving to excel in what we do. Our team members believe that the passion we have for what we do can only be expressed by the quality of our execution. Integrity is a key component for the standard of execution we’re striving for each day. It is with a “Do What You Say and Say What You Do” approach that we deliver what we consider to be an acceptable standard. This in turn positively impacts our customers who are the main focus for our products. We also realize that we are part of one community. By sharing our experiences and knowledge with one another at VMware, either through social events or personal enterprise, we are able to fully consider ourselves part of the community – a community that drives what’s next together.

Is there a particular value that resonates the most with you?

I think it is passion. I am really passionate about my work and I believe that because of this passion, I am a more creative and effective worker, one that searches diligently for solutions that inspire my teammates and I. Passion increases our chances of success and passionate employees make VMware successful.

What perks or benefit is most notable for you at VMware? 

I think the most notable benefits are the interesting projects that I get to work on and the knowledge that I take away from my experiences working with my teammates. I enjoy working on the next generation of the vC Ops product as it is completely different from the previous versions that my team and I have worked on in the past. The day it is released will be one of the most memorable days for me.Nina_Karapetyan_photo_4

What types of people are successful at VMware Armenia? 

While knowledge and a strong background is important, the key to a successful career at VMware revolves around loving your work and the product you’re working on, taking initiative, being innovative, and developing your skills to help your team achieve its goals.

How is fun and camaraderie a part of the Armenia site? 

Our office in Armenia is very colorful and full of light, where work is very interesting. The team members here are very sociable and friendly, which makes for a welcoming and open atmosphere in the office. Outside of our work, we enjoy spending time together outside. We’re also known for playing table tennis, biking, hiking and skiing.



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