Developing one’s career is an art developed over time using experience and resourcefulness. Today Maria Raimundo, VMware University Relations Recruiter, sheds light on VMware’s innovation culture and how it supports the growth and development of its employees through skills training, educational reimbursement and mentorships.


At VMware we grow our business by creating value for our customers and partners. More importantly, we grow our people by investing in development and fostering a culture that embraces learning as a part of the innovation process. Not only does the process of developing yourself improve your personal and professional life, but it can assist in your collaboration with others and your overall contributions to the wider community. Here are a few of the resources that VMware employees can take advantage of to reach that next level of growth and development in their career.

VMware Edge Portal

The VMware Edge Portal is an internal portal that offers self-directed development for any employee from any location at anytime. VMware employees can sign up for classes that are related to their role, enhance professional skills or take certification courses to improve a particular discipline. You can even check out digital ebooks for free from Books24x7! So, if you’re looking to take that additional Java-skills course, need some extra help with public speaking, or want to take a certification in your field, it’s all possible through the VMware Edge Portal.

VMware Professional Development Assistance Program

VMware empowers each employee to drive self-development in partnership with his or her manager. The Professional Development Assistance Program provides financial support for external professional development courses, certifications and degree programs that are not offered internally at VMware. Have you ever thought about pursuing a part-time secondary degree or another type of program at some point in your career? If your answer is “yes,” then this is where our Professional Development Assistance Program comes in. We offer assistance to help offset some of the financial cost for the secondary degree with management and HR approval. That’s a pretty awesome perk.

Fostering a Mentor Relationship

Perhaps the greatest teachers you’ll encounter at VMware are your fellow coworkers. Having a mentor is not just limited to your immediate manager (though we hope you find them as a great resource). There are many opportunities to discover colleagues who would be willing to provide both personal and professional support as you grow at VMware. Be sure to connect through our internal social network, VMware Link, support our commitment to giving back to the community through the VMware Foundation, and get to know other members from different teams through our weekly social events. Sometimes even a casual meeting could lead to someone who can help you re-think about how you’re approaching your career goals.

In the end it is up to each of our employees to take advantage of the resources and opportunities provided to them here at VMware. How do you plan to grow to that next step?


-Maria Raimundo, VMware University Relations Recruiter



About Maria:

Maria is a University Relations Recruiter at VMware. Her primary focus is on hiring engineering students for both internships and full-time positions throughout VMware’s Research and Development teams. Before working in Human Resources, Maria was a California certified K-12 teacher. She has found a happy medium in her current role of guiding students through what may be some of their first corporate experiences.


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