With graduation in the not so distant future, the task of accepting a full-time job is one that might be on many of your minds. While this is an exciting time, making a final decision on which role is most suitable for you will take time and thoughtful consideration. Hear from Allison Steinkopf, VMware University Relations Recruiter as she shares the 5 steps that she took when deciding to come and work at VMware as a recent graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles. 


The process of accepting a job offer begins with a job description. After reviewing the description, ask yourself whether or not you have the necessary skills, passion and vision to complete the requirements of the role? After this, you should explore the finer details of the project work to decide if it will excite you. Finally, if the company’s hiring team thinks that you’re a fit for the role and you think that you’re a fit, you accept their offer. Simple, right?

For many students looking for career opportunities post graduation, it’s not always as easy as the above scenario. In many cases, students pursuing technology careers are often given multiple job offers from a variety of innovative companies. While it can be a good situation to have multiple offers on the table, it can definitely make the decision process more complex. Here are 5 steps that I believe you can take in order to accept a job offer that is right for you.

First, I encourage you to go beyond the job description and think about the factors that can be left out of a decision. Second, it is important to think about the team and coworkers that you will be interacting with daily in your role. Do they value collaboration and challenge and encourage each other to do their best work? Can you see yourself easily becoming a part of this cohesive unit? Third, the company culture is an important aspect to consider because this, along with your team relationships, often determines whether or not you jump out of bed in the morning or groan when the alarm goes off. Fourth, do you see growth opportunities with the position in consideration? Don’t just think about today. Think about where you could be in five years at an organization. Fifth, consider whether you sincerely believe in what the company is trying to accomplish and whether or not it believes in empowering you with the resources and tools to drive what’s next in your career.

Ultimately, these are the most important factors that I considered when I decided to join VMware upon graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles this past June. VMware is a place of passion, innovation and collaboration that has propelled me forward on my path to becoming the best professional that I can. My team enables me with the skills that I need while I push them to work smarter, not harder. I know that I made the right choice and hopefully this will help you do the same. Thankfully, I can happily say that I don’t groan when my alarm goes off in the morning.


Allison Steinkopf



About Allison: Allison Steinkopf is a University Relations Recruiter who works out of the VMware Austin, Texas office. She is a recent Austin transplant from California who loves to explore new restaurants and all that Austin has to offer.


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