You spent hours on the resume, weeks on researching the right companies, and now just got word that you’ll be having your first phone interview – congrats! Interviewing for a technical role can be an exciting (and nerve-racking experience). At VMware, our hope is that every student who interviews with us has a positive experience. The key to this, we feel, is helping every candidate know what to expect each time they interview. Hear from Maria Raimundo, Technical Recruiter within the VMware University Relations Team as she shares 9 tips to help you prepare and feel confident for your technical interview at VMware.


Whether your interview is on the phone, via video conference, or in-person, our policy is to ask straight-forward questions that pertain to the job and assess your overall fit for VMware. We know this may be the very first time you’ve ever interviewed for a company, and that your prior experience may be limited to school work (which is okay). With all of our university hiring, our strongest motivation is assess the potential of each student. Here are 9 tips that I believe will help you successfully prepare and ace an interview at VMware.

 Interview Prep Tips

  • Be Able to Speak to your Resume: Your resume is the first place we look. Come prepared to discuss any and all projects and coursework you’ve listed. Don’t just tell us what you did, but how it made an impact: share with us how you lead a project, when the results didn’t go well, how you learned from it, and why you loved solving that particular problem.
  • Practice Your Code: Brush up on those technical skills if the position requires it. For most R&D positions, we ask you to write out your code live. Practice writing on a white board or via a virtual chat room.
  • Speak to your Answer: Discuss your thoughts and processes out loud so the interviewer can truly see where you’re coming from. Even if you don’t come up with the right answer, this helps our interviewers understand how you approach a problem.
  • Don’t Bluff if you don’t know the Answer: We do ask hard questions but we don’t expect you to know everything. Again, it’s okay if you don’t know – you can even admit that – but we encourage you to ask more questions or just tell us what you do understand.
  • Ask Questions: Ask your own questions, too! We love that – it helps us understand what matters to you and shows forethought.
  • Interview Attire: Come comfortably dressed in business casual attire. No need for anything fancy – just something nice that makes you feel confident and professional.
  • Be up-to-date on the Latest Industry Trends: Read up on the latest industry trends. Again, we don’t expect you to know everything about us, but it’s a good idea to be able to speak comfortable about our business at a general level. Here’s a place to start.
  • Learn about our values: Do your homework and make an authentic connection to our shared values and how you connect to them. Or at least start a conversation on your understanding of the values.
  • Say ‘Thank you!’: Mom and Dad were right – saying ‘thank you’ goes a long way! It’s always a good idea to thank your interviewer for their time at the end of the interview.

Remember – it’s not just anyone who is granted an interview, so if you’re nervous, just remind yourself that you’ve done well so far. This is the next step in what will be a life-long journey of building a career; regardless of the outcome, you are going to be that much closer to building skills that will serve you well. Take that deep breath and happy interviewing!


Maria Raimundo


About Maria: Maria Raimundo is a Technical Recruiter with the VMware Palo Alto University Team. She’s has been working in HR and Staffing for over 8 years and loves helping students get their first job. A California native, she received her bachelor in English Liturature from Santa Clara University. Prior to working in the tech, Maria was a high school English teacher.


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