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Defying Convention: Disney Lam, 2013 VMware Intern and Cambridge Poster Session Winner Discovers What’s Next

At VMware, students are both challenged and rewarded with meaningful work and rich experiences in a collaborative environment that empowers them to architect what’s next. Hear from Disney Lam, 2013 Common Services Intern on her internship project findings, winning the Cambridge Intern Poster Session and attending VMworld San Francisco.


Disney Lam

Disney Lam, 2013 VMware Common Services Team Intern

Having completed previous internships in network administration and systems engineering roles, I saw the impact of VMware’s technology. Therefore, when VMware was recruiting at the University of Waterloo, I applied to internship positions not only as an intern hopeful, but also as a devoted fan. Fortunately, interviews went well and I was given the privilege to intern on the Common Services Team in VMware’s Cambridge site.

When the internship started, my mentor/manager gave me a list of potential projects to choose from. The projects were all very open-ended, so there was a lot of space for creativity. I chose to work on a project that will enable automatic discovery of services within a local environment. To fully develop the project, my mentor and I embarked on investigation, design, and implementation phases.

In the realm of service discovery, there already exist many protocol standards and they are commonly used to find network printers. Some examples include Multicast DNS, Universal Plug and Play, and Service Location Protocol. Despite the effectiveness of these service discovery protocols, they require the use of multicast and broadcast messages, which is blocked in many networks, due to security reasons. Thus, many infrastructure administrators resort back to static means of advertising services. This not only makes an infrastructure more difficult to manage, but it can decrease service availability as well. My project was to address these existing issues so that service discovery mechanisms can be deployed in any networking environment. At the completion of my internship project, I, along with the other 2013 interns, had the opportunity to present our findings to VMware employees at the annual Intern Poster Session.

Personally, the VMware Intern Poster Session was a nerve-wracking experience at first. Being a Computer Science major in a room full of people whom I am not well acquainted with really drove my anxiety levels up. For the entire session, I stood by my poster, answering questions that engineers had. Since VMware engineers are experts in the field, there were a lot of difficult questions. Members of the VMware Academic Program also came by to ask questions, so interns really needed to present their work from both a technical and business perspective.

As the session passed by, I became less nervous and more confident. I was very happy whenever I was able to explain why the project was designed a certain way when addressing concerns. I enjoyed speaking with other teams about how they can integrate the project into their own code. Some engineers even asked me when the project was going into production! I think it is quite rare for interns to get this amount of constructive feedback in the short time that they are with a company. I honestly believe that my presentation skills improved exponentially during that time!

I ended up really enjoying my poster session experience. I knew that it was because I had an amazing internship at VMware. My mentor/manager gave me a lot of freedom to explore solutions while nurturing me with guidance. The rest of my team became a fountain of knowledge for me and were nothing short of absolutely supportive. I remember times when I ran into problems that team members would directly approach me to provide help. Even at the poster session, the rest of the VMware engineering community was sharing their expertise to help interns grow intellectually.

However, winning the poster session still came as a complete shock to me. As an undergraduate, I was fearful of entering the poster session because most other interns were Masters and PhD students with a lot of experience under their belts. It still feels a bit strange when people address me as “future innovator”. Yet, now that I have won, I have learnt to be fearless, to be audacious, and to “defy convention”.

The prize for winning the poster session was an all-expense paid trip to VMworld in San Francisco. Since there were a lot of Sysadmins and Network Engineers there, I felt right at home. All the attendees and I were so impressed as products like vSAN and NSX were being announced. I remember back during my other internships as Sysadmin, my co-workers and I would praise VMware products and how they were changing IT in its entirety. This time, however, as opposed to not only being able to admire the innovation, I can say that I am a part of it!


Disney Lam


About Disney:

Disney Lam was an intern with the Common Services Team in Cambridge, MA. She is a fourth year Computer Science undergraduate at the University of Waterloo who is passionate about network and systems architecture, design, and management. On the Cisco certification ladder, Disney is a Cisco Certified Design Professional. She has served as Undergraduate Research Assistant with Professor Carol Fung and Professor Raouf Boutaba of the Networks Research Group and Professor Robin Cohen of the Artificial Intelligence Group in the Cheriton School of Computer Science.



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9 Tips to Get the Most Out of your Next University Career Fair

Are you interested in making the most of your next campus career fair? If your answer is ‘yes’, then connect with Peggy Hsu, VMware University Relations Specialist as she shares nine tips that will empower you to showcase your strengths, make meaningful connections and ultimately help better determine what you would like to pursue professionally. 


Heading into the fall semester, students are often curious about best practices for attending a career fair. Here are nine simple yet effective tips that I recommend.

1. Know who is attending & map out a strategy

Depending on the fair and how many employers are of interest to you, you may not have time to speak with every company (and lines can get long). Make a list of priority employers* so you can allot enough time to spend with each of them at the event.

*Your university career services center should have a list of employers (as well as what types of positions they offer to perspective students).

2. Do your research

If you are interested in a company, take the time to review their history and current projects. Explore their website by looking for news reports and press releases to find topics of interest to you. These make great conversation starters with company representatives attending the event! This knowledge will show employers that you are truly interested in learning more about what’s next for their company.

3. Bring copies of your resume

Even if you have submitted your resume to a company or to career services prior to the event, it is always best to bring extra copies. You want whomever you speak with to have a point of reference (and have your contact information if they are interested in speaking with you at a later time). If you are interested in different types of roles, you may want to come with more than one version of your resume so that it is tailored for certain positions. It is critical to proofread your resume and make sure your contact information is current. Be prepared to speak to your resume, experience and skills.

4. Prepare an elevator pitch

You don’t want to sound like you are reading off of a script, but you do want prepare a 15- 30 second introduction. You only have a short time to impress an employer in these types of settings. It is pivotal to let them know that you are well spoken and that you have done your research. Showcase your strong points so that you can elaborate on why your background would be a good fit for the role(s) you are interested in pursuing.

5. Prepare questions

Be smart about the questions you ask. You do not want to ask questions that you can easily find on the employer’s website. Employers like students who are proactive. Remember, you do not have that much time with each representative, so use it wisely. 

6. Engage one-on-one with employers 

Career fairs are a rare opportunity for you to engage one-on-one with employers. You should take advantage of this time and use it to engage with employers and not with your friends. It is okay to attend the event with friends, but establish relationships with employers on your own. This is your chance to find out what opportunities are best suited for YOU.

7. Find out if the company will be participating in other events on campus

Companies will often host information sessions or other events on campus during their visit. Attending company-sponsored events will give you better insight to the company (as well as their culture). Some companies engage in on-campus interviews too. If they do, it would be beneficial to know when those dates are so you can apply to their job(s) before their application deadline.

8. Collect business cards 

If possible, try to collect business cards or contact information from employers. If you do, be sure to follow up with a thank you message (can be email) within 24-48 hours. This is simply a courtesy and it may make you stand out!

9. Apply on the company website 

Many companies are trying to move away from collecting paper resumes at career fairs. Most employers will still want you to apply online even after accepting your resume. This is because companies need to capture your information in their applicant tracking system so you can officially be considered an “applicant”.  It is CRITICAL that you apply online if an employer asks you to do so. This is not to duplicate efforts, but rather because they are required to do so for compliance reasons.

In summary, prepare yourself. Make the most of your time at on-campus events because these are rare opportunities to showcase your strengths outside of a formal interview setting. You never know what opportunities could be around the corner. You may end up speaking with an employer that you might not have otherwise connected with and you will likely gather more information to better assess where you want to grow your career.

Regardless, you can pick up some cool swag.


Best of luck!

Peggy Hsu


About Peggy: Peggy Hsu is a University Relations Specialist for VMware working out of the headquarter office in Palo Alto, California. She manages the relationships and engagements between VMware and university campuses across the U.S. She enjoys interacting with students, providing guidance and finding new creative ways for VMware to engage on campus. During her spare time she enjoys traveling, watching movies, eating and dancing.



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Radhika Rayadu, User Experience Designer, on meaningful work and rich experiences at VMware

VMware employees contribute their best work to imagine, define, and deliver the future of IT through transformative products and solutions that enable customer agility, efficiency, security, and fault tolerance in the Cloud era. Take a look at Radhika’s story on eye opening experiences within the User Experience team, giving back with the Women in R&D group and growth through innovation.


Name: Radhika Rayadu

Title: Staff Designer, User Experience (R&D)

Office Location: Palo Alto, California

Years at VMware: 3

Favorite Tech Gadget: My iPhone upgrades to IOS 7 in a few days from now! (I love the new design)


When did you know that you wanted to pursue a career in User Experience?

I’ve spent most of my career designing and building user interfaces. During one such product lifecycle, I had the opportunity to demo the product we spent a year building to several internal and external customers. Those interactions were eye opening and made me realize that even the greatest new innovation is only successful when it naturally fits into the user’s mental model. I found great value in being someone who can translate complex technology into user speak and drive that user knowledge into the product development process.

How would you describe what you do at VMware?

I design for business critical features for the VMware vSphere and vCloud suite of products. A lot of what I do is listen to customers and listen and collaborate with architects, product managers, subject matter experts and UE/UI engineers in designing the behavior of the product. This starts from very early in the product lifecycle when a feature in conceptualized all the way to when its ready for fit and finish review.

What about your work is meaningful to you?

Knowing that I get to wake up everyday and work with incredibly smart and passionate people to create valuable products that are changing the world.

We just got done with VMworld 2013 in San Francisco. If possible, can you choose one memorable moment to share with us?

It was a first time experience for me to watch the keynote live by our CEO on the first day, and I got to see the buzz and interest in what is new from VMware. I also really enjoyed the Makers and Shakers keynote about the innovation around making technology affordable and available to every age group.

Which VMware value most resonates with you and how have you seen it come to life?

The VMware value that resonates most with me is “Integrity—We are consistently bold yet humble, competitive yet fair and decisive yet respectful. We build and protect trusted relationships with our customers, partners, shareholders, and each other”. I’ve seen the larger team change course and redesign product features based on beta feedback and inputs from customer councils. Being able to keep a sane perspective late in the product development cycle, under time constraints, and working across globally distributed teams requires integrity.

You’re involved with the Women in R&D group at VMware. Can you tell us a little bit about this group? What are some takeaways from your involvement in this group?

The group aims to connect women across the company to share ideas and support each other for career development. A key takeaway from running the speaker series is that as a woman it is especially important to embrace challenges, find role models and develop a community – as demonstrated by these incredible women who found success in various ways through sheer perseverance and passion for what they do.

What is a fun VMware memory for you?

Every year I look forward to VMware’s internal R&D innovation offsite, RADIO. It’s an opportunity to hear the best ideas and immerse oneself in the breadth of technology that VMware has to offer. It’s creative, energizing and fun.

Share what’s next for you, your team or VMware?

On a personal level, I look forward to watching life unfold everyday through the eyes of my children. Professionally, I look forward to the User Experience team being central to driving customer experience for the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) and making our products simple, usable and desirable.


About Radhika:

Radhika Rayadu is a Staff UX Designer working on the vSphere/vCloud suite of products at VMware. She designs for business critical features in the product suite. Radhika has been at VMware since 2010 and works out of the Palo Alto headquarters.



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The VMware University Relations Team is Headed Back to Campus! Are you?

The VMware University Relations Team strives to empower student innovators with the resources and opportunities to architect what’s next in IT and for themselves. Connect with Amber Daniels, Senior University Relations Specialist as she welcomes the newest members of the University Relations Team and highlights the university pit stops the team will be making on a campus near year this Fall.


Fall is upon us, which can only mean one thing…. it’s time for the VMware University Relations (UR) Team to head back to campus! We will start this season with a few new faces on the UR Team and a few new universities on our roster. Meet our new teammates and find out where you can connect with us on campus this Fall!



Austin, Texas Teammates:








Kim Hollenshead (UR Recruiter), Amber Daniels (Sr. UR Specialist), Allison Steinkopf (UR Recruiter) – If Allison looks familiar to you that is because she was the University Relations Intern last summer!







Jennifer Lestin (UR Specialist)


Cambridge, Massachusetts Teammates:








Jikado Hanna (UR Recruiter), Heather Fish (UR Specialist), Matt Wendorf (PhD Recruiter/Specialist), not pictured Keri Riley (UR Recruiter)


Palo Alto, California Teammates:







Back row- left to right – Dustin Stites (Director, UR), Meagan Shannon (Intern Program Manager), Sarvenaz Ghodosizadeh (Recruiting Coordinator), Leanne Farmer (Recruiting Coordinator), Trish Austin (UR Recruiter), Daniel Kim (UR Recruiter), Michael Anvari (UR Specialist), Jimmy Khov (Recruiting Coordinator), Jim Salas (Manager, University Recruiting) Front row- right to left- Amy Roberts (HR Coordinator), Maria Raimundo (UR Recruiter), Peggy Hsu (UR Specialist), Danielle Stevens (MBA Recruiter), Shawn Sigona (UR Recruiter), Heather Scola (Operations Lead, UR), Not pictured Ernie Salle (UR Recruiter)

We will target over thirty campuses this season and have over sixty events planned!

You can check out the where’s and when’s right here on our list of University Relations Campus Events Calendar!

Here’s to another successful season! We look forward to seeing you on campus soon!




-Amber Daniels


About Amber: Amber Daniels is a Senior University Relations Specialist for VMware working out of the Austin, Texas office. Prior to her role as a University Relations Specialist, she was a recruiter on the University Relations Team. Amber enjoys connecting with students and planning creative ways to engage with them. During her spare time, she likes spending time with her two year old and watching college football- not at the same time.


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