VMware employees are energized by the prospect of solving complex problems in an environment, and with a team, that helps them realize their full potential. And this is only possible through a culture of people that embrace learning as a part of the innovation process. Take a look at Mary’s story on how she actively grows at VMware.


Name:  Mary Pereira

Job title:  Group Manager, Marketing Services, Global Marketing Operations

Years at VMware: 5

Office location:  Palo Alto, California



What is life at VMware like for you?

I enjoy my life, role and responsibilities at VMware. It can be hectic at times, managing the many deadlines and asks of our team. However, my team and those we support and work with make it a great environment and enjoyable at VMware – we work well together, even in the most challenging of times. We know we’re all on the same team, with the same goal! I also have to say that I have an amazing team! 

Continuous learning is what helps us innovate. How do you practice this at VMware?  

I have taken several training sessions and classes offered through VMware Edge, an internal portal that enables self-directed development for any VMware employee at any location anytime. Several of these sessions have really resonated with me, enhancing my knowledge in my field, and helping me to integrate new suggestions to the workplace and my every day skills. I have found it very beneficial for me personally. The most recent session I participated in was Crucial Conversations. I’ve taken many different types of communication and presentation classes in my career and thought Crucial Conversations would be another training course with the same information on effective communication, etc. I was wrong! It was very helpful for me and I started using the learnings that evening at home and the very next day in the workplace.

Share the biggest lesson or takeaway from your Crucial Conversations course. Is it what you expected? 

My biggest learning from the Crucial Conversations course was identifying the facts versus the story, and sticking to the facts while verbally communicating. I think in everyday life, people, including myself, have a tendency to perceive a conversation or interaction outside of the facts presented. It was very helpful for me, and I have used that new knowledge both in the workplace and in my personal life since the course!

What does growth and development mean to you?  

It means learning – learning new ways to do things, new ways to think; and ultimately using the new learnings in the real world. It also means knowing, for me personally, the areas I need to work on; even if it may be a hard thing to accept and realize; and taking the steps to improve.

Do you have a thought-leader or person you admire in your field or industry? Who and why?  

I admire strong women, whether in the high-tech industry or in a different field or industry. Women who put their knowledge, their desire to make a difference, their passion – into action – to make a positive difference somehow. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to grow and develop themselves in the community? 

The advice I’ve taken myself and give often to my friends and family is to not let fear keep you from trying to something new; or something you’ve always wanted to do!

What inspires you to grow in 2013 and beyond? 

The positive role model women I’ve described above; and the opportunity to try new things in both my personal and profession life.





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