VMware employees contribute their best work to imagine, define, and deliver the future of IT through transformative products and solutions that enable customer agility, efficiency, security, and fault tolerance in the Cloud era. And this is only possible through the dedicated, dynamic and inspiring people that make up our company. Take a look at Anish’s story on life at VMware, Pi Day and growth through giving back. 


Name: Anish Mehta

Job Title: Program Manager, Ecosystems Engineering 

Years at VMware: 1+ 

Office location: Palo Alto, California

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What is life at VMware like for you?

I just completed my first year at VMware in February and love working within and outside the Ecosystem Engineering team. VMware’s reputation has attracted a very talented bunch of people and it’s an enriching experience for me.

How would you describe your role at VMware?

I am a Program Manager within the Ecosystems Engineering team. I work on core product releases from an ecosystem perspective and help plan, deliver and track ecosystem readiness and communicate this information with internal and external customers.

Recently, VMware celebrated Pi Day. Can you share the significance of the day? 

In 2012, VMware expanded the Matching gifts program and expanded the limits to span $31.41 to $3,141.59. The spirit of “Pi” continued in 2013 with our first “Pi Day,” on March 14 (3/14) of course. During Pi Day, VMware Palo Alto hosted roughly 30 non-profits who had the opportunity to share a variety of giving back opportunities for employees on campus.

Check out the video below to get a sense of the excitement from Pi Day!

What was your role at Pi Day?

I coordinated India Literacy Project’s (ILP) participation in the Pi day activities. We had a busy booth as over 70 employees visited the booth and expressed interest in ILP. Fellow VMwareites, Shikhar Agarwal and Hari Sankaraman were a tremendous help in setting up and sharubg ILP’s story and opportunities with our employee community. Pi Day gave me the opportunity to connect with a wide gamut of employees, share ILP’s story as well as how people can volunteer with ILP or match donations through the VMware Foundation.

Can you share more about the India Literacy Project?

India Literacy Project, ILP, is a volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of literacy in India. By empowering every individual we serve with functional literacy and an understanding of their basic rights and responsibilities, we strive to be a catalyst for 100% literacy in India.

VMware employees can give back to the India Literacy Project through the VMware Foundation for Milestone Awards, Matching Gifts (individual contributions) as well as Service learning (volunteering). We’re also really excited to continue to help the India Literacy Project with a capacity-building challenge through the VMware Foundation’s Group Gigs & Grants program.

What does Giving Back mean to you? 

Giving back implies supporting the local community and underprivileged groups worldwide. In the Bay Area we live comfortable lives and it’s easy to forget that there is world outside of our cushy bubble where basic necessities like food, clothing, shelter and access to education are a struggle. This helps puts my small contribution into perspective. In addition to India Literacy Project, I have contributed to HandsOn Bay Area, Habitat for Humanity, Organs R Us and AIF.

What advice would you give to someone looking to give back in the community?

There are lots of needs. Identify what strikes a chord in you or where you can be most effective and then discover ways to help. The VMware Foundation’s group on VMware Link is a great place for employees to get pointers. If you do not work at VMware you can find volunteer opportunities through VolunteerMatch or check out the pro bono marketplace with Taproot Foundation.

What are you inspired to do in 2013 and beyond?

I helped plan the ecosystem deliverables for our 2014 releases and hope to leverage that experience in the vPAR initiative. The Ecosystem Engineering team will continue to make it easier for our partners to do business with VMware. In addition we will further develop connections with internal and external upstream and downstream teams to accelerate VMware technology adoption through the partner ecosystem into our customer base.

For India Literacy Project, we would like to fundraise 25% more than what was raised in 2012 and help recruit several new volunteers to help us scale and kick our knowledge hub initiative into higher gear.

On the personal front, my wife and I just adopted a toddler from India, so I plan to devote all my free time to her.




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