With over 50+ locations throughout the world, VMware is truly a global community made of passionate employees who thrive on collaborating together to bring industry-changing IT innovations to life. Each site also carries its own uniqueness, which is why we are highlighting office stories through our VMware Office Spotlight series. Get a flavor for what the VMware Armenia office in Yerevan is like today!


About Armenia

The VMware Armenia office is located in Yerevan, the capital and largest city of Armenia with over one million inhabitants. Armenia represents one of the oldest world civilizations with its footprints over the entire land. Yerevan (formerly Erebuni), a city which history goes back to 782 BC, is situated in the Ararat valley and has a breathtaking view of the Holy Mount Ararat, which brings its kind presence to every corner of the city, as well as to the Forum Business Center, where our office is located. Yerevan is home to dozens of museums, art galleries, libraries and Universities. It is also a major educational center in the region as more than seven thousand foreign students and fellows study in the higher education institutions of Armenia.

The Information Technology industry is one of the most successful and fastest growing industries in Armenia, which promotes technological innovation and productivity for the nation-state. The sector is comprised of both local and foreign companies like Synopsys, Microsoft, Be2, Mentor Graphics, Synergy International Systems.

Areas of Opportunity

VMware established its R&D site in Armenia in 2010 through the acquisition of Integrien Corporation, the leader in real-time performance analytics. After the acquisition, VMware changed the name of Integrien’s core product from Integrien Alive Enterprise to VMware vCenter Operations, which later became the key component of vCenter Operations Management Suite. This product provides a new and much simplified approach to operations management of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures, which helps enhance VMware vSphere, thus realizing a new technology transform.

The vCenter Operations team has seen growth in the past year bringing on roughly 40 highly qualified and experienced engineers and researchers. The team is composed of PhDs and Engineers who are in charge of the overall development of the product.

Culture in action at the Armenia office

Teamwork is an important part of our office culture. We promote a dynamic environment where employees can collaborate globally, helping enrich our culture and capability. The Yerevan office effectively works together with the other vCenter Operations teams located in Bulgaria, Palo Alto, Irvine and Bangalore by having regular video and phone conferences to allow for global collaboration and thought share.

Creating an environment where people enjoy coming to work in is another important value at our site. Our Human Resources and Site Management teams are committed to driving equal opportunity and fostering a culture where great people want to work and thrive long term. We believe that building a family-like and positive atmosphere are very important elements to providing this environment for our employees.

John, Quality Engineering Manager shared his thoughts on our employee environment,

“When I first met the team I was impressed by their technical knowledge, but what really sealed the deal for me was the casual, friendly manner in which each person I met greeted me. VMware provides a dynamic work environment, one that is constantly growing and ever challenging. Even today, after a full year, I am often pleasantly surprised to see the accomplishments that my team has achieved. It is both a pleasure to be here and exciting to be part of such a highly regarded team.”

Overall, our site’s success has been achieved by empowering our employees with the tools and environment to define and deliver the future of IT. This is proven by the fact that over the past four years VMware Armenia’s Customer Oriented Research and Development (CORD) team has generated more than seven patents to date.

The year ahead

Over the past two years, our employee base in Armenia has more than doubled, growing to 40 employees from 18. In 2012, our site grew to encompass an entire floor of our current building. 2013 is filled with continuous growth and excitement, as we will see further expansion of our site and new opportunities to shape the IT landscape for our customers.




Srbuhi Harutyunyan, Workplace Coordinator, Armenia





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