At VMware, we thrive on forward momentum. We transform technology by learning actively and acting boldly. And it is through our collaborative drive that we imagine, define and deliver the future of IT. Do you want to know what it takes to be a part of our close-knit community of intellectually driven and entrepreneurial people? Let’s find out with the help of Clint Buelter, VMware Technical Recruiter.


What is VMware looking for in a candidate? This is a great question that our hiring teams seem to be answering from candidates as of late. My reply usually starts with the question, “What do you mean?”. The majority of the responses that I hear are related to technologies and skills. So maybe the real question is what technical skills does VMware look for in candidates?

The short answer to this question is that a number of technical skills are required for roles here at VMware. A company of our size with a number of enterprise products ranging from end user applications to infrastructure and operations management requires a number of different skill sets to create a successful team and product.

My focus here at VMware has been on growing products like Zimbra, SlideRocket, Socialcast, and Cetas. I’d like to share with you a few of the things we look for in terms of technical skills around the Socialcast and Zimbra products.


Socialcast is a social networking web application that I use everyday here at VMware to collaborate with teams, share information, and find resources quickly. It is built using Ruby on Rails and modern web technologies. We seek people who have solid web experience around Rails or Java for backend development. On the front end we look for people who can do transformative things with CSS and HTML. Socialcast has an amazing look and feel to it that I really appreciate. While the visual design of the site is important for me as a user, I also want the site to be incredibly fast. We look for engineers that have a solid understanding of advanced JavaScript (client/server) to implement the features and frameworks that make our Socialcast move in real time.


Zimbra is our easy to use email and collaboration product. Like Socialcast, it encompasses web, mobile, and desktop. There really are a number of ways for engineers to help further develop Zimbra. We use a great deal of JavaScript on the front end along with our proprietary AJAX framework. For the desktop products we look for expert level programmers (C/C++) on the Windows and Mac OS platforms.

While this information gives you a sneak peek at the things we look for in terms of technical skills for our applications teams, keep in mind that this post is not a comprehensive list of every skill or role. I hope this information adds some clarity around the skill sets we are looking for here at VMware.

Thanks again to all who have asked the question about what VMware is looking for in a quality candidate, it is definitely a thought-provoking question for me. As professionals we all seek out what I call “career economics”; we want to know what skills are in demand that can be learned so we can mold ourselves to be valuable employees, earns us more challenging work problems, or even more compensation. Whatever the motivation, I advise people to take ownership of these interests; you will be the person who is most motivated to change your career trajectory. If technical skills are your focus, try various technologies, don’t just learn one for the sake of placing it on your resume, find one or two modern technologies that you really enjoy working with and master them. Once you have mastered a language or layer, what’s next for you? If you feel like you’re lacking in another area of your career take that focus and energy you just used and apply it to the the skill you want to grow. I promise, you will be amazed by the results from your focus and energies.


Best of luck!

Clint Buelter


About Clint:
I help people discover innovative software products, develop themselves, and become more productive. I am passionate about: solving problems through technology, software, the web, music, and coffee.


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