VMware interns contribute their intellectual curiosity, innovative ideas and refreshing enthusiasm to VMware every day. Do you want to know what it would be like to walk in their shoes? Let’s find out with the help of San Francisco-based intern Magizharasu Thirunavukkarasu as he shares his unique perspective of the VMware internship experience as a Cloud Foundry Developer Relations Intern.



For me being an Intern on the Cloud Foundry Developer Relations team was much more than coding. As a Cloud Foundry Intern, I also wrote blogs and organized events to promote Cloud Foundry (#PaaS which helps you to deploy your web applications in the cloud easily), attended meet-ups and gave talks and presentations on Cloud Foundry.

During my internship I had the freedom to choose from an array of projects to work on which included supporting the #ContributingCode event at VMware. During this event students built apps for social good and deployed them on Cloud Foundry. Check out my blog to learn more about it. I wrote Validate Helper (a form validation plugin) as a part of the #ContributingCode app and open sourced it. As a developer advocate, to showcase a new feature release on (ImageMagick), Vishwa Srikaanth (@knowmevish) and I built an app called Spacely, a Backbone.js powered image uploader that utilizes ImageMagick to resize the images that are uploaded. This event was also a great opportunity to give back to the community by practicing skills-based service learning in partnership with the VMware Foundation.

Working together and collaborating as a team with my mentor and designer rather than working alone was very beneficial for me. The Cloud Foundry Developer Relations team was truly inspiring. The way they collaborate on work remotely around the world at various VMware office sites was impressive. The hands on week with my team was one of the best weeks in San Francisco. During this time my whole team came together to discuss, learn, travel and eat together- we were more like a family. My mentorship experience from my mentor, Monica Wilkinson was awesome! She introduced me to good coding practices, explained the Cloud Foundry product, and motivated me throughout my internship.

Working with teams within and across my department was also exciting. I connected with the core Cloud Foundry product team and the VMware Foundation and VMware University relations teams while helping to organize the #ContributingCode event. Through this experience, I saw each team’s role and the collaboration that makes VMware successful. Linda Condon, Global Intern Program Manager and Monica Wilkinson, Social Networking and Cloud Architect were a great inspiration for me due to the dedication they have for their work and their ability to manage time. Meet-ups and tech conferences not only gave me technical knowledge, but also a lot of inspiration. Kudos to the HR and Cloud Foundry teams for making the #ContributingCode event a great success.

The best part of the internship was the #CodeSchool where the interns at the VMware San Francisco office taught one another the skills they excelled at as well as their internship learnings.

From this experience I further developed my web developer skills and learned its essential to keep updated through Twittter, GitHub, meet-ups and by following blogs. And with the evolution of new frameworks and libraries, don’t ever skill out on learning the basics.

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Happy coding,

-Magizharasu Thirunavukkarasu


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