VMware interns contribute their intellectual curiosity, innovative ideas and refreshing enthusiasm to VMware every day. Do you want to know what it would be like to walk in their shoes? Let’s find out with the help of Palo Alto-based intern Allison Steinkopf as she shares her unique perspective of the VMware internship experience as an Intern Program Coordinator.


What you need to know is that I exist because they exist. They are so important that my entire position is established around them, their professional development and their experience. Who are they? They are creative, dedicated, innovative, collaborative, astute, inquisitive, and much more. They are VMware interns.

I am a University Relations Intern Program Coordinator. In my position, that word ‘intern’ plays two roles. I am an intern for the interns. I attach myself to their journey at VMware from the first day with Intern New Hire Orientation to their final day with their exits. I don’t do this alone. The entire University Relations team works tirelessly throughout their time here giving them the tools to succeed and surpass all expectations. The programs that they take part in give them insight into other’s careers so they can succeed in their own.

They get to do so much while working on cutting-edge technology and new projects. Top executives and business leaders sit down with them for lunch to answer their questions. They create posters and presentations for their teams, leaders, and the entire company to learn what they are working on. Mentors guide them through their journey offering project and career advice. Diversity programs connect women at VMware to build a long-lasting relationship among women in technology. Weekly talks teach them about new technology exposing some to things that they have never seen before.

VMware is a place filled with passion, innovation, and collaboration. VMware employees share ideas and experience with the interns which creates a feeling of intimacy while working at a large company. Idea sharing teaches interns that VMware is a company where collaboration is welcomed and new learning is fostered.

You will be challenged in ways that you have never experienced by being pushed outside your comfort zone. You will be given new tasks when you excel and advice on how to improve your work. You will be nervous about the large tasks that lie ahead of you, but through seemingly impossible tasks, frustration, and hard work come unbelievable personal and professional growth.

Who are you? You are the next VMware intern.

-Allison Steinkopf


About Allison:

Allison Steinkopf is a senior studying psychology and accounting at University of California, Los Angeles. She is currently an intern on the University Relations team at VMware working as an Intern Program Coordinator.

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