DexterName: Dexter Arver

Position at VMware: Supervisor, Web Applications

Years at VMware: 6.75 years


1. What is it about the VMware culture that has allowed you to pursue interests such as photography at work while still being committed to your work responsibilities?  

I would mainly attribute it to the fact that even though we’re a large corporation, VMware still has a startup vibe. To me, this means that although people have roles within the company, we’re not big enough to have full time employees that are photographers (for instance). This gives people like myself an opportunity to help out and contribute. Of course, this would be impossible unless my manager trusted and supported my volunteer efforts. 

2. Select 5-8 photographs from events at VMware that you have been a part of and captured on camera. In a couple of sentences describe the event, time frame, and how the photo(s) encompasses one or all of VMware’s core values (VMware Values – Passion, Innovation, Commitment to Execution, Teamwork, Active Learning, Giving Back) as well as what the photo means to you.


 This picture was taken during VMware’s first Service Learning Fair in October, 2010. There is a photography mailing list that I was subscribed to, and Nicola Acutt, our VMware Foundation Director sent out an email asking for a volunteer photographer, and that’s how I met Nicola. I believe this photo shows how committed VMware is to giving back to our communities.


 This picture was taken in October 2010. I would say that the turtles (and the pond) are one of the favorite things people like to mention about the Palo Alto campus. They are the closest thing we have to a mascot.


 I had the opportunity to take pictures at an offsite engineering innovation event in May of 2011. This event gives people a chance to take a step back from their daily lives and really come together as a team to think about the future of this company. Not many companies empower their employees to really focus on Innovation and what that really means.


 In June 2011, we had an Intern Kickoff Event and I grabbed this picture as one Intern powered through two defenders in a football inspired game. I believe this game was designed to show them that teamwork is vital in stopping a juggernaut of a problem (the two defenders were taught a lesson on this day). 


 In September 2011, I organized a group of work friends and colleagues to volunteer at the Coyote Ridge Open Space Preserve. We spent an afternoon pulling out old fences which were no longer necessary and were sometimes hurting local animals. Again, it is hard to believe that our company gives us a whole week every year to 'serve and learn' and give back to our communities.


 A big part of my work is creating an internal engineering journal and since I help put the magazine together, I get to shoot the cover. This picture was taken in our computer lab in December 2011. I had never worked to create any kind of a journal before my job at VMware, and it just shows with the right attitude, how easy it is at VMware to learn and grow into new roles.



 In April 2012, I shot pictures of six people at VMware who have been with the company for twelve years. The above two photos are from this shoot. I think without passion for what they do, these exemplary people would not have stayed at VMware for a dozen years.

3. Which VMware values do you most identify and live by and how do you demonstrate this in your day to day work? (VMware Values – passion, innovation, commitment to execution, team work, active learning, giving back more than we take).

Passion. I believe without passion, you’re not going to keep striving for excellence and without that, you’re just going to get bored with your work and your life. That’s why I think it’s important to ask yourself, over and over again, whether you’re doing exactly what you want to be doing. And if you ever answer yourself “no,” it is time to do something about it. Once you’re sure (and you believe in what you’re doing), you should bring that energy to your work every day. This will only inspire others around you to give it their all and with that kind of energy, your team will become unstoppable.

4. What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead? 

I became a manager at the end of last year, and I’m most looking forward to giving the opportunities and guidance my manager has given me to those who work for me. 


A big thank you to Dexter Arver and all of our employees who help fuel the engine of opportunity here at VMware!

-The VMware Careers Team

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