One of the biggest aspirations I had as a new college grad was to work on a revolutionary technology that completely changes the way people think about computing. Technology that disrupts industries and changes the way businesses are run around the world. Something that was non-existent a few years ago but now becomes the de facto standard for doing things. I was hopeful that I would work on something like that once in my career.

 Coming out of grad school I was hoping to work in a team where I could further explore my academic interests in distributed systems and algorithms. At the same time I was looking to work on shipping a mission critical product. When VMware offered me a position in the vSphere DRS team, it was clear that it was a rare opportunity. Not only does the team have a world-class group of engineers, but it has been instrumental in inventing and shipping some of the most disruptive VMware technologies – Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), Storage Distributed Resource Scheduler (SDRS), Storage IO Control (SIOC), etc. Working with the DRS team for the past one and half years has been like working for a small startup within a big company. I found the work environment to be very dynamic where things move at a really fast pace. There was little or almost no time to "ramp up". Right after a brief engineering “boot camp”, I was asked to jump in and fix bugs for the immediate release that was being shipped out. I was then very lucky to work with some amazing engineers on a couple of high impact projects and eventually got to take full ownership of a new feature to be shipped out in the next release. When I look back on the past one and half years it feels quite incredible that I've been able to learn so much and how little I knew when I got started.

 One of the many amazing perks of working at VMware is that I get to hang out with people who are not only brilliant computer scientists but humble, down-to-earth and fun. Their creativity and enthusiasm is inspiring and infectious. Although we’ve been growing rapidly, the hiring bar is higher than ever. The focus is not just on finding the best engineer out there but finding the right “cultural fit” for the team and the company. The teams and the people we have here are really at the foundation of everything we do.

 Working at VMware is challenging but highly rewarding at the same time. As developers we get to take the full ownership of the features we're working on and are really able to drive the product forward with our vision. It’s amazing that we get to ship our products around the world to so many great businesses (96% of the Fortune 1000). Whenever you swipe your credit card or buy your groceries, book a flight or shop online, claim an insurance or watch a movie, there's a very high chance that you're touching some piece of VMware technology running in the cloud. At VMware we really get to put a true meaning behind the buzz and hype of the cloud. And we're just getting started.

 If you’re a new college grad and you like to work on complex technology problems, VMware is a great place to start your career. A small handful of companies ship products that run at such massive scales. If you’re looking to dig deep into a particular technology or spread yourself across several technologies, we’ve got you covered. We have teams and products that work at different layers of the stack right from the kernel and hypervisor layer (ESXi) to the platform layer (vSphere, vCloud) and above (CloudFoundry, Socialcast, Sliderocket, Zimbra, etc.). There’s so much we do and there’s much more to come. If you’re looking for an opportunity to shape the direction of one of the fastest growing companies out there, this is where you get started.


About Parth:

Parth works as Member of Technical Staff in the core R&D team behind vSphere DRS. He likes to churn out C++ and listen to electronic music; mostly at the same time. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon in December 2009 with a Masters in Electrical & Computer Engineering. While not at work he’s mostly found travelling and indulging in photography.


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