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 The VMware Burlington, Ontario office has experienced tremendous growth in the past five years. From 20 employees to now over 250 employees, the office has become a cornerstone in VMware's global initiatives. Clayton Magnus, VMware HR Recruiter further divulges on the Burlington office's strong culture, the organizations present there, and what he is most looking forward to in the year ahead with VMware

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What is a strong culture like? How is the Burlington office's culture strong?

A strong organizational culture is a team that shares the same values, beliefs, norms, ideas, vision and habits. The Burlington office exudes these characteristics. They take pride in being customer focused and really do exemplify the idea of one team. There is a common bond among the people that work in the Burlington office. On a daily basis you see this camaraderie. Whether it is in the lunchroom as colleagues eat lunch or play games with one other, or at their cubicles where team members will help each other out with a case they are working on. This creates an overall environment that is very relaxed, which makes it easier for people to achieve their goals. VMware 003

Which organizations are located at the Burlington office?

The Burlington office is a home office for VMware with employees working in Sales, Professional Services Organization, IT, System Engineers and Global Support Services. GSS has the largest contingent at the Burlington office as staff in Service Delivery, Licensing, Shared Services, Support Operations, Training, Escalation Management, and Bridges work here.

How has the Burlington office has grown in the past few years?

Five years ago there were 20 employees in the Burlington office. Now there are just over 250 employees that work here, so the office has definitely grown from a numbers perspective.

From a business point of few, the Burlington center has seen a shift from a center with regional presence, to a center that has a global identity. The hiring philosophy has changed over the years too. The center looks at a character versus competency approach whereas five years ago there was a lot of emphasis put on finding stronger technical resources over anything else. Now that the Burlington office is in a mature state, they can take the time to invest in people and look to build on top of what has already been created. VMware4

What are you looking forward to in the year ahead for the Burlington office?

We’ve expanded to another floor in our building. That means more growth, which is exciting. Internal mobility is a huge initiative within GSS and I expect to see a lot more of it in the year ahead. Ultimately, I am most looking forward to continuning to work and partner with the business to make us more successful.

 Clayton Magnus – Recruiter, Burlington, Ontario


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