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 This year VMware launched a new Intern program for students interested in inside-sales roles, which could lead them to be very successful full-time candidates to join this team long-term. The program is designed to transfer high level, business-to-business prospecting skills used every day by our ISR teams with the interns, and so they can practice and develop their business skills. After completing the internship the intern will be able to gain access to target accounts and executives to efficiently and repeatedly initiate new discussions. Interns will leave with a full understanding of prospecting tactics, and ISR certification in the VMware prospecting methodology. The VMware Prospecting Program will provide interns with the knowledge, tools and techniques they need to become highly effective at creating new conversations within a target market and converting them into new opportunities.

 Prospecting is hard work, fraught with rejection; therefore sales people don’t do enough of it. In the book, “The Psychology of Sales Call Reluctance” over 11,000 sales people were interviewed. Findings were that 80% of all new sales people fail because of call reluctance. 40% of all veteran sales people stop prospecting because of call reluctance. This book also finds that the average sales person with call reluctance will make 5 times less money than those without. This intern program is designed to provide the skills to potential sales people to overcome the challenges of prospecting and provide a framework to be successful at creating large amounts of net new opportunities. This will in the long-run develop these students confidence level, which they can take with them where-ever they go.

 Although the ISR Intern Program is relatively new here at VMware, it is one that is growing and that we hope to gain more awareness about with friends and members of our external community.

 This year we had the chance to engage students directly at three universities with defined Inside Sales Programs.  We visited the University of Georgia in January, the University of Akron in February, and the University of Alabama in February. Many students came by to visit with us, and we are very pleased with the interest in these programs.

 Students should definitely look forward to us growing this program and hopefully coming to a school near you. Please keep an eye on our sites in late summer as we unveil the university engagements for this program.


About Trish:

Trish has been a recruiter since 2007 and joined the VMware University Relations team in early 2010. She focuses on internships and new college graduate roles for MBA and business students. She is a native of Silicon Valley, has a passion for art history and makes a killer paella!

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