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 Hurray!  VMware has invited you to an on-campus interview. Now, time to start preparing for the big day.

What to expect

 At VMware we’re looking for overall potential and cultural fit. We don’t expect you to have all the answers (hey – you’re a student – you’re still learning) but we do interview you carefully to see how you approach a problem, how you optimize a solution, and how scrappy you are when you’re stumped. Also – it sounds silly – but please don’t try to ‘bluff’ your way out. If you really don’t know something, it’s much better if you admit it.

What types of questions do we ask? 

 We generally do highly technical interviews for all Engineering positions. We will ask you what programming languages you are strongest at, and from there devise appropriate questions. We do a lot of coding – so expect to give a demonstration of your coding skills in real time. Questions include: logic puzzles, coding problems, algorithm problems, and other technical scenarios.

How to prepare

Practice coding

 We generally do white boarding or have laptops available so you can code live during the interview. If it’s been a while, be sure to practice writing code on the board.


 Know your resume! Be prepared to speak easily about the projects, courses, and jobs you’ve listed.  Please also speak about things not seen on your resume. Yes, you were a TA for Systems Programming 101, but this led to being included in your professor’s latest publication. Or, how your blog led to your first internship. All those things count.


 Even if you have a general idea of what we do, it’s always a good idea to do a quick search for our latest product and company developments. Knowing our business will help you stand out.  There is a lot of information on our company website, plus a number of products you can download for a free trial.


 We recognize that you are a student – no ‘Armani’ is necessary. We have a laid-back dress code environment, so interviewing in something business casual is appropriate.

Last but not least:

 Remember, no one is perfect! As a student, you’re just at the beginning of a lifelong career. But, also remember to come prepared to ask a few questions of your interviewer-even if you ask them all the same question. After-all this is your chance to interview us as well. This won’t be the first interview, nor the last, so give it your best and have fun.


About Maria:

 Maria is a University Relations Recruiter at VMware. Her primary focus is hiring engineering students for both internships and full-time positions throughout VMware’s many Research and Development groups. Prior to working in VMware, Maria worked for Google, spending three years as a recruiter with International Staffing before becoming an Intern Program Manager with the company’s Campus Relations Team. Before working in Human Resources, Maria was a California Certified K-12 teacher. She has found a happy medium in her current role of guiding students through what may be some of their first corporate experiences.

 Maria is a native Californian, and graduated from Santa Clara University with a BA in English. An avid reader and movie enthusiast, she loves traveling to new places and spending time with friends, preferably at some restaurant she’s never tried before.

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