Prior to my graduation I was spending the last few months, searching for jobs and looking thoroughly through career portals, just to try to find a right fit for my skills and knowledge. Guess what? I couldn’t find something that interested me enough to even begin applying for them. I was not ready for a simple 8-to-5 full time paying gig. I was still interested in learning and gaining more knowledge. I was still hungry. I thought to myself that I need a job that requires me to use my skills and knowledge, to learn new stuff. Then I came across VMware’s Graduate Internship Program.

 At a glance, it would look like any job offer, having responsibilities like a normal entry-level associate and slowly working my way up the corporate ladder. However, I started looking deeper into the job description and realized this wasn’t any typical entry-level associate program. This was because I was actually expected to handle responsibilities that maybe a full fledge specialist or analyst would be required to produce. The challenge of being able to handle multiple expectations on a different level, made me apply for the offer. And the rest was history.

 I was going to be put on a one-year program with two regional rotations with each rotation lasting a period of six months. In the first rotation, I was going to be in pre-sales as a Systems Engineer in Singapore, supporting the team in delivering technical write-ups, presentations, and demos to fellow colleagues, as well as customers. In my next rotation, I would be in the product marketing team based in Sydney, supporting the team in producing product write-ups like whitepapers, data sheets and probably competitive analysis. I was pretty excited and could not expect what was to come.

 VMware truly did not disappoint me. On my first day I was overwhelmed with the work culture and diversity in the team. I had already been given my laptop and the work started to pile up. In addition to that, my orientation was great, short and sweet with one or two presentations and a couple of links where I could get all the necessary information needed to get started. For the first time in my life, I was not spoon-fed information. I was actually expected to look for it myself. That was something I admire about VMware till today, because I have learnt so much more this way. VMware has fully supported me by sponsoring my VMware Certified Professional certification. I am truly grateful to be able to improve my knowledge by going through the certifications that VMware offers. It has been a great stepping-stone for me, and I feel so much better having my company support me and my training to become more proficient in the business.

 Throughout my time here at VMware, I have been given so many opportunities. There have been times when I have problems managing these opportunities because there have simply been so many. Too many that I have committed too, or have been expected to commit, that I really did not have time to breathe. Twenty-four hours a day seems too little. I have wished many times, that I have forty-eight hours in a day. Only being two months into my job, I have already had the chance to be involved in several projects. I have been able to meet customers, and give presentations and give live demonstrations to them. These opportunities have allowed me to learn in so many better ways than sitting in the office everyday behind a desk. With this, I have been able to improve myself. Ultimately, I have been able to put myself to the test after all these years, with the skills and knowledge that I’ve gained throughout my educational journey. I strongly believe, as a fresh graduate, the only true validation that your effort spent in education was not wasted, would be to test it out in the field. And I must say, I’m pretty satisfied, but I still have a long way to go.

 With all these tremendous experiences and opportunities that VMware has given me to pursue, I have been really proud to partake in one of the government cloud projects. I was heavily involved with helping the team present a complete cloud solution to potential customers. I had the opportunity to talk about solutions and products that VMware has to offer. My team has also been very open to ideas that I contribute during the meetings and discussions.

 In addition, I have really enjoyed the networking opportunities that VMware has given me because these experiences have allowed me to better understand the business. Through this project, I have received valuable feedback from fellow colleagues and customers. I have taken this feedback into serious consideration and used it to map out ways in which I can improve upon every new engagement that I am going to be involved in. I would never have imagined that my first job would be so fulfilling. I am also proud to say that none of my peers have had such experiences, or opportunities presented to them in such a unique way.

 Being on this internship program has enabled me to learn so many new things, which I would never learn in school or anywhere else. VMware is the right place to be, whether if it is your first job or not, because the opportunities presented to each individual are so abundant that you would be spoilt for choice. It is openness to new ideas and allowing individuals to grow strong and develop unique potential, which are valuable to any organization.

About Clement:

Clement studied Information Systems Management in Singapore. His interest in technology is based on his seven years of formal education in information technology and information systems management. Back in 2007, he started up a company, Tinkerbox Solutions, which offers web solution consulting. He provides companies a cheaper alternative to other established IT consulting firms; yet maintains the high quality standards that these companies offer. He has also grown a very keen interest in game development, and participated in an internship at LucasArts Singapore, while pursuing his Bachelor's degree at Singapore Management University.

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