After being let go in 2008 from her position as an IT Engineer, Hanna Phan, current Product Manager at SlideRocket, knew that she did not just want any other position for her next job. Due to the tough economic market, and massive influx of individuals looking for jobs, the cut-and-dry resume on a piece of paper was not cutting it for Phan. After a period of soul searching and a little research, Phan discovered the company that she was meant to work for, SlideRocket, a San Francisco-based maker of presentation software products in the VMware family.      

 Phan came up with a plan in which she would use SlideRocket's technology to create a présumé, a presentation resume, along with a viral campaign to stand out from the crowd. On her birthday, Phan tweeted out the below message to the CEO of SlideRocket, Chuck Dietrich.

"@chuckdietrich @sliderocket I want to work with you! Find my application here:"

An hour later, after Chuck literally walked off a plane, he replied:

"@hannaphan @sliderocket AMAZING Preso! Let’s talk."

 So the rest is history… Hanna had wowed the employees at SlideRocket with her out-of-the-box présumé and ended up landing the job of Product Manager.

 Nearly two months into her role as Product Manager at SlideRocket, Hanna had this to say about her new job, "The SlideRocket team and VMware are amazing to work with. I'm having a ball!". We are glad to have you in the VMware family Hanna Phan & congrats on having the courage to break the boundaries of the typical resume and job application process!


SlideRocket makes it easy for people to create amazing presentations and share them anywhere, whether it's on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, a blog, a website, an iPad or plain old email. One of the great things about the SlideRocket presentation product is that the creator of the presentation can view the analytics of the presentation all in real-time: who has viewed the presentation, how long they view the presentation, and which slides in particular they spend the most time on. 


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