Did you know that students with internship experience are more likely to receive a job offer than their counterparts who did not have experiential education in their background? Well it does, according to the 2010 Survey findings conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. Approximately 42% of graduates with internships who applied for a job received an offer compared with only 30% for students who had no internship experience. The same survey also showed that graduates with internships also tended to receive a significantly higher starting salary offer.

 But why do Employers zero in on students who have past internship experience? According to a VMware Recruiter, relationship building is key, whether the full-time job is with the same company the student interned for or for another company altogether. It shows that the candidate has learned skills, like working with a team in a professional environment, and discovering from their past internship the areas they’re most interested in becoming an expert in. When a Recruiter looks at a student’s resume with internship experience, they see a candidate who has already gone through a gauntlet; weeded out amongst their peers to get a top internship. There is a higher degree of faith that those students are going to be a good fit for the role and for the company.

 At VMware, we take our internships very seriously. Each intern project must have deliverables that support the business, and require independent and critical thought, while providing a learning experience for the intern. All of our interns receive a mentor, someone other than their manager who provides guidance, training, and project and moral support. We see our internships as a bridge to a full-time role and strive to convert top performing interns to full-time New College Grads. Our goal is to give students a well-rounded experience, so it’s not all work and play. You get the opportunity to participate in a range of projects and events to help you network with others in the company, learn more about our culture, experience what it’s like to make an real impact in a big way, and giving back to the community through service learning. So get the experience you need and find the perfect internship for you by visiting VMware Careers and joining our Talent Network.


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Anna is a University Relations Specialist for VMware. She is responsible for the development and cultivation of strategic academic relationships, which ultimately help attract and recruit the top emerging talent.

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