Mentor Taking on a new internship for a prestigious company, with a challenging project is daunting in-and-of-itself. You've got a great manager and the company perks are awesome. But is that enough? What separates a great internship from just another “opportunity”?

The answer is: One that gives you a mentor.


The role of a mentor is often elusive and sometimes undefined, but at the core, a mentor is someone you can turn to, befriend, partner with, find success with, and bond on a level that is unique to any other relationship. 

At VMware, mentorship is a vital part of our intern program. Each intern is paired with a mentor, who is enthusiastic of their role; some of whom started out their careers at VMware as a VMware intern. Their goal is beyond working closely with you to complete your project. They provide skills training, career development and guidance, and ongoing feedback. Our VMware mentors help you network and make those critical industry connections. They’re your sounding board and your personal cheerleader; the one who hands you that Redbull when it’s crunch-time.


Here’s what one of our interns had to say:

“It is such a privilege to have James as a mentor at VMware. Since I started working here, I have met with him every week, and he has shared so much about his experience working in the Silicon Valley for many years. James has helped me narrow my future career plans, and always gives me food for thought about both professional and personal matters. He really asks me what I want out of my internship, and is a great support on teaching me how to network and make the most of my time here. We've been able to bond over lunches and various activities, and it is such a great experience to get daily advice from him and so many other smart and successful people here. On a daily basis I learn and grow both professionally and personally and I am so grateful for the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people here."

–Sebastian Rubio – VMware 2011 Intern shares his mentor experience at VMware this summer.


So if you’re looking for a “great internship” that isn’t just another opportunity, consider VMware’s winning intern program and experience first-hand the value of having your personal mentor!

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 Anna2By: Anna Soliveres, VMware University Relations Specialist