VMware Canada Welcomes Sara Jost: Registered Nurse, Healthcare Expert and Strategic Transformation Advisor   

The intersection of healthcare and technology has never been more important, with the need to deliver more effective health care and more efficient hospital management. We are therefore delighted to welcome Sara Jost, RN, to our VMware Canada team as a Strategic Transformation Advisor for a variety of sectors including healthcare, government, financial services, and others.

Sara has an impressive and unique background in clinical healthcare, research, startups, cybersecurity, and enterprise open source, and brings a wealth of experience in global healthcare strategy, compliance, organizational agility, sales, and marketing.

“I believe that as many enterprises today harness disruptive technologies – especially the cloud and applications – to drive competitive advantage, we need strategists who understand the language of the business and can complement highly skilled technologists. I welcome Sara Jost as Strategic Transformation Advisor to VMware. Sara’s diverse experiences and worldview open new innovative paths to drive business transformation and growth. I have known and worked with Sara for several years, and I have no doubt she is perfect for this position. I’m deeply convinced that with her healthcare and IT experience, Sara as a Strategic Advisor will help VMware customers develop new superpowers.”

Claude Reeves, Vice President & Country Manager, Canada

Sara began her career in healthcare in 2001, working as a neuroscience researcher. She then became a Registered Nurse and worked for eight years as a high-risk labour and delivery nurse in Toronto, delivering more than 800 babies. Sara then pivoted into the tech sector, joining a health app startup to lead edge deployment of mobile healthcare.

Most recently, she led Red Hat Canada’s healthcare strategy, where she was responsible for developing public and private partnerships and managing strategic planning processes internally and externally. Sara has also served as the Global Healthcare Industry Lead for BlackBerry, responsible for the company’s global healthcare business relationships with hospitals, life sciences, and edge, as well as advancing its cybersecurity offerings.

In her new role, Sara is keen to have a hands-on role in helping VMware customers lead their digital transformation by recognizing opportunities to drive true customer value, and creating a holistic, flexible and successful vision drawing from her previous experience as it relates to VMware technology, including application modernization, mobility, security, partnerships.

Today, Sara sees a trend within many healthcare organizations pushing for the cloud without necessarily knowing why or how to implement it. She believes organizations should strive to be cloud smart, with a diversified and automated digital transformation strategy that allows them to move at the speed of light to bring great ideas to fruition, and to allow for innovation and quick decision-making.

“I am delighted to have Sara join our team. The credibility she demonstrates to the many clients she has earned relationships with over her career as well as her deep industry expertise will allow VMware to increase its strategic relevance within the Canadian market. Sara’s knowledge of application modernization adds immediate maturity in how VMware demonstrate its value of solutions across multi cloud, and application modernization.”

Rick Donahoe, Director Application Cloud & Transformation, Canada

Sara also believes in creating repeatable processes and simplified technology to help contribute to the greater good. In the future, Sara envisions a consistent and trustworthy healthcare experience both in person and online for clinicians and patients. Similar to what people can expect when they visit Starbucks: they’re familiar with the layout of the store, where to go to line up, how to navigate the menu and ask for specific requests, and they can expect similar experiences replicated in different cities. To Sara, we need to design healthcare experiences so that each person who walks through the door or accesses online healthcare services feels comfortable and trusts that their specific needs will be met. Having a single source of truth from which to innovate will enable this experience.

“As our world remains challenged to maximize the available data to prevent illness, save lives, be more competitive and improve our quality of life, VMware is laser focused on turning all of this ‘cloud chaos’ into ‘cloud smart’. We are pleased to continue to add transformational consultants such as Sara Jost to our team to assist our customers in uncovering their best path to critical change. We know Sara’s industry experience in healthcare and transformational design will assist our customers in accelerating their success.”

Ellen Lail, Head, Application and Cloud Transformation Practice, Americas

Sara is keen to make healthcare more efficient; streamlining operations will ensure the healthcare sector has the resources it requires to prepare for the future, and incorporate new technology, like artificial intelligence. According to Frost & Sullivan, when implemented properly, AI could provide momentous shifts in the speed and accuracy of diagnosis with benefits such as reduced healthcare wait times, unnecessary tests, reduced clinician burnout and reduced idle equipment, improve health outcomes by up to 40 percent and reduce treatment costs up to 50 percent by improving diagnosis, increasing access to care, and enabling precision medicine.

Please join us in welcoming Sara and keep an eye out for upcoming announcements and sector insights and as she helps us transform the digital healthcare experience.


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