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A Special Holiday Message from VMware Canada

As the season approaches, VMware Canada wishes everyone a very safe and relaxing holiday with their loved ones and a bright new year. We hope you enjoy this pun-tastic holiday poem from our Solution Engineering Manager, Jeff Davey.

Twas’ the night before New App Launch when all through the Cloud,

Not an IT supervisor was stirring, no help desk staff could be heard aloud.

The Tanzu workloads where all humming along nicely,

in hopes of Modern app benefits to solve business objectives precisely.

The business users were nestled all snug in their offices with a view

While visions of new products and new sales danced in their heads.

And the CEO with a kerchief in the suit pocket, and I in my dress shoes had just settled in for our year-end review.

When out in the Multi-Cloud there arose such a clatter,

Our smartphones sprang from our pockets Workspace One app all alerting us to what’s a matter,

Away to my office I flew like a flash,

Tore open my Horizon enabled laptop and launched my Cloud Health by VMware and connected vRealize dash.

The light from my monitor showed bright in my office

Gave shine to the objects all over my desk.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

All my dials and sliders turning from green to bright red…oh dear!

With one email after the other, arriving so lively and quick,

I knew in a moment this must be the K8s app, not a trick.

Much more efficient than expected, How can I take advantage of this situation,

It came in on-premise and stretched to the VMC on AWS global locations.

“On Network, On storage, On compute, On cloud!”

1 Gig, 10 Gig, 100 Gigs a second, on the LAN, on the WAN connecting through VeloCloud

Oh Come on all… even those little containers I see with my Observability looking glass,

Let’s provide DEV/OPS a way to get instant agility in this new world of SaaS!

As data rained down like a wild hurricane flies,

Through the NSX segmented firewalls and advanced load balanced as it went,

Into our systems did flow with storage needs of terabytes, and easily accessed secure data did arrive.

And then, as fast a vSAN Cache enabled application,

I heard my CIO on the horn asking for clarification.

Sending messages and phone calls out to his team to keep abreast the situation.

The VMware based microservices solution went work right away,

Enabling services, intrinsic security and SD WAN access gateways.

How fast it was managing self service requests and peak applications,

It delivered a ubiquitous, self-healing consistent digital foundation.

As I brought up my email and started to draft a letter, to our CTO thanking him for approving this amazing system and CAPEX reduction

The Cloud Foundation on Dell EMC and new apps Cloud testing had been a success in production.

With new technology running East to west across our fabric and abroad

The business growth mindset it provided was a reality and not a façade

The build so precisely arranged by our VMware solution team,

And the VMware MSC Partner deployment so seamless it was like a dream.

Our Skyline service offered us a head start on any fix so proactive

It provided insight and reported not only what, but why it happened.

Such powerful agility gave us an advantage like none before had,

make me feel like I can sleep and not wander the house in pajamas of plaid.

Then my dashboard just like that, the red went to yellow and then back to green.

And away went the emails, alerts, and alarms, left behind a calm feeling did seem.

While I was leaving my office and turning off the light

I overheard my CEO on the phone Exclaim: “Give VMware digital platforms to all, and to all a good night!”




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