Canadian channel partners welcome VMware Partner Connect

At VMware Canada, we’ve long felt the benefits of our channel-first go to market strategy. This year, in our conversations with partners globally, we saw an opportunity to double down on creating a culture of even greater partnership, and the result is VMware Partner Connect.

Since the launch of the global program over a month ago, we’ve received positive feedback from our Canadian partners. They agree that Partner Connect represents a simpler and more flexible way to work with us, and ultimately to better serve the end customer.

We take a lot of pride in this evaluation; especially given the moment of uncertainty we all find ourselves in today. Our partners are doing important work in driving differentiated customer success and digital transformation, putting companies in the strongest possible position for the new normal.


Prioritizing Customer Value

The revamped VMware Partner Connect program recognizes and rewards partners based on the value they bring to customers across three tiers: Partner, Advanced Partner, and Principal Partner. Principal Partners represent the go-to partners for VMware, and stand to earn comprehensive rewards, including deployment and consumption incentives. They also receive prioritization for collaborative business planning and co-selling opportunities.

One such Principal Partner is OnX Canada. For Stephen Harris, Senior Director of Service Delivery at OnX, the benefits of Partner Connect are clear.

“Participation in the Partner Connect program allows OnX Canada to quickly access key VMware sales and technical resources, and provides us with the ability to view and action VMware opportunities in the marketplace. Using Partner Connect enables us to stay on top of our technical certification and training path as we pursue additional capabilities to deliver VMware services. The dashboards within Partner Connect helps us see the return on our investment in VMware skills and competencies,” said Harris.


Building Expertise

Like other Principal Partners, OnX has achieved VMware Master Services Competencies, demonstrating technical proficiency and market-ready expertise, as validated by customers. Achieving this certification unlocks valuable resources and recognition to extend partners’ services capabilities, differentiate expertise, and drive more services revenue, including education discounts and access to additional Not for Resale licenses.

Other Canadian partners which have achieved Principal Partner status and Master Services Competencies include Softchoice and PCD Solutions. As Pierre Cayouette, Co-President of PCD Solutions, notes, VMware is recognizing those partners who have proven their deep expertise in leveraging its technology to address customer needs.

“PCD Solutions, now a Converge Company, has been investing for many years in its relationship with VMware. It has been a significant success factor for the growth of our business. It also gave us a unique opportunity to develop in-depth solution practices [and] advisory service capabilities while we completed multiple Master Services Competencies. These professional designations and the new Partner Connect program help the VMware partner community reflect that local expertise and specific project experience – for example, hybrid cloud integration, IT automation and end-user computing,” said Cayouette.

Similarly, Christopher Swadish, Hybrid IT Business Leader at Softchoice, highlights the value of the new program for partners that have strong capabilities. “Softchoice has found great value as a principal partner in the VMware Partner Connect program in Canada. In our daily work with VMware, the new program provides clarity on processes and enables us to better serve our customers. We’ve already achieved three Master Service Competencies, and Partner Connect is enabling a stronger partnership with VMware where we can jointly measure our mutual growth and success.”


The Path Forward

While Partner Connect rewards partners at all stages of their engagement with VMware, the heightened benefits for those who are looking to extend and grow the relationship are evident. In addition to receiving deal registration benefits, Principal Partners earn greater rewards including development funds and marketing support, and front and back-end margin opportunities by expanding their levels of capabilities and meeting sales or consumption thresholds.

Clearly, all these perks and benefits make partnering with the VMware Partner Connect program an easy, intuitive and rewarding proposition.

Read more about the VMware Partner Connect program here.


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