2020 Enterprise Trends: VMware Partners Look to the Future

VMware Canada’s partners are at the frontlines of digital transformation, helping Canadian businesses harness innovation for growth. In this blog, experts at ESI TechnologiesFlexITy, and OnX Canada, and PCD Solutions outline the key technology trends impacting the enterprise in 2020.


1. Attracting and Retaining Top Tech Talent

In 2020, as organizations across all industries seek to adopt cutting-edge technology to stay competitive, a key challenge will be to ensure that teams are in place with the know-how and the capacity needed to implement new solutions.

The competition among employers for tech talent is already intense. With international tech firms expanding their footprint here, corporate Canada will have to work even harder over the next twelve months to not only attract and keep the best candidates but also to ensure they help their people make the best use of their time.

“As the Canadian economy continues to expand, one of the key challenges that CIOs are facing is accessing experienced and certified skilled workers who are in high demand,” said Steve Harris, Senior Director Service Delivery at OnX Canada. “By leveraging an ‘as-a-service’ consumption model, enterprises can focus their existing resources on strategic initiatives, work with partners that are subject matter experts, and free their IT teams from mundane tasks.”

Against this competitive backdrop, providing what employees need, when they need it, can help enterprises keep their team members happy and productive. A 2019 VMware global survey of employees shows that existing team members are far more likely to recommend the company they work for if it provides an outstanding digital employee experience.

“Global competition for talent continued to drive the pace of development for both the digital workplace and workspaces throughout 2019,” said Gavin Hood, Senior VP North American Energy and Advanced Technologies at ESI Technologies. “Seamless, secure experiences from any location, on any device became a standard expected by customers, employees and contractors alike. As organizations across all industries are challenged to meet evolving user expectations in 2020, expect to see further technology advancements in unified management of data, privacy and security from the digital workspace to the cloud.”


2. Hybrid Cloud as an Agent of Change

Hybrid cloud has become attractive to organizations large and small as it helps them strike the right balance between public cloud services and their own IT infrastructures. In short, a hybrid cloud model can provide both significant cost savings and greater business agility.

According to Pierre Cayouette, President and Co-Founder of PCD Solutions, 2020 will see organizations go further with hybrid cloud.

“Most companies are just starting their hybrid cloud journey. They are currently defining their vision, business objectives, governance principles and approach to the transformation of their existing company and IT culture. This transition to the cloud, service automation and improved IT agility will happen… one use case at the time,” he said.


3. Delivering Business Outcomes with SD-WAN

For enterprises with significant numbers of branch offices, SD‐WAN delivers a strong set of business results to fulfill many of the unmet needs of enterprises, from delivering business agility to enabling the growing universal need to migrate to cloud services and applications. This trend took on momentum in 2019 and is set to remain an important area of exploration for the enterprise in 2020.

“In 2019, FlexITy saw SD-WAN offering a new way to deploy, manage, and operate a client’s WAN infrastructure. It enabled digital and cloud transformation for networks of all sizes and promised operational simplicity with centralized management, zero-touch provisioning, and a high degree of automation to deliver seamless, reliable connections as well as optimized cloud and on-premise application performance with real-time analytics, visibility, and control. All coupled with the ability to securely connect users to applications in minutes – not months from the WAN edge to the cloud!” said Ron Stewart, Executive Vice President at FlexITy.


Together with service providers, VMware’s goal is to start the conversation by understanding your business challenges today and the outcomes you want tomorrow. According to Cayouette, this practice is what makes the difference between costly and transformative technology. “What we’re seeing in the market is that successful IT initiatives and investments will need to be aligned to one or multiple business drivers. A project’s direct benefits need to translate into concrete business value for the stakeholders in a very short term. We’re talking 6-12 months max. Considering the complexity and transformative nature of these initiatives, these are perfect opportunities for us to show our know-how.”

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