VIDEO: The Role of IT in 2020


What’s the role of IT in Canada this year? We asked Peter Near, National Director of Technology at VMware Canada, who told us it’s all about delivering apps to the business.

In this new video, Peter breaks down the spectrum of applications in Canada, the move to modern infrastructure and cloud native applications, as well as VMware’s investments in this space – particularly when it comes to Kubernetes: the common platform you can build applications on top of in an agile way that work on premise, work within any of the clouds and are portable within an organization.

With Pivotal now officially part of VMware’s portfolio of products and services,  VMware is all-in on Kubernetes to help Canadians transform the way they build, run and manage their most important applications in 2020. With the data centre no longer the center of the universe and applications anywhere, and VMware has made strategic investments to help customers modernize IT and move to the cloud in a way that maximizes efficiencies for the enterprise and its users.

Watch the full video here:


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