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Employee Spotlight: Chris Green

Working at VMware means you have the power to make digital transformation possible in any industry in every corner of Canada. That’s especially true for VMware Canada’s team of Solution Engineers who have a deep understanding of the business challenges of our customers and create unique solutions to solve their digital needs. In our latest Employee Spotlight, we’re pleased to introduce our Q2 FY20 MVP: Chris Green. We sat down with Chris to discuss his role as a Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) and Hybrid Cloud Solution Engineer, life at VMware, and his views on IT industry trends.


Q: First off, congratulations on your award and on 15 months at VMware! Now that you’ve passed your one-year mark, what brought you here today?

Chris: Thank you! It has been a long journey with VMware, starting with my first deployment 15 years ago with ESX 1.2. I’ve held roles as an administrator, deployment specialist, and solution engineer at a partner company and data protection vendor which all eventually led me to working at VMware.


Q: What would you say is the thing you love most about being a Solution Engineer?

Chris: Being surrounded by an amazing team that challenges me to bring my best every day is the most rewarding part of my job. Everything the HCI and Hybrid Cloud team does for our customers, we do for each other.  While I was learning and getting comfortable in my new role, there was always someone there to mentor me and support my success. VMware has truly built an ecosystem that thrives on collaboration.


Q: What would you say is unique about working at VMware?

Chris: No competitor has transformed the data centre as much as VMware. In the early days, I was a big advocate of virtualization technology because at the time, when I delivered a service, I was required to buy a server. VMware revolutionized what data centres looked like and saved companies a lot of time and money. Today, customers that open themselves to the possibility of a software-defined data centre can transform their companies and free up more time to innovate.


Q: What advice would you give to newcomers, recent grads, or someone looking to make a career shift into the IT industry?

Chris: The nature of working in IT is that the core of what we do every day can change tomorrow. To succeed at VMware, you need to have an appetite for continuous learning and actively seek to grow your knowledge and skills. Enterprise technology offers people a challenging career that can take you to many different places if you’re willing to put the work in to stay a step ahead of industry trends.  For someone who loved playing with space Lego as a kid in the 80s, I can’t think of a more fun, rewarding, and fulfilling career than one where you’re encouraged to think outside of the box.


Q: What big trend do you think is driving the industry right now that customers and partners should be watching?

Chris: I would definitely say the cloud, but not in the way that most customers visualize when they hear that term. At VMware, we talk to customers about the cloud being a business model, not a location. When cloud started to see wider adoption in Canada, it fundamentally changed expectations by making it unacceptable to wait a week or even a day before a software service was provisioned. This flexibility is opening more ways for organizations to innovate and use the cloud to solve business needs.


Q: What VMware service are you most excited about today?

Chris: As one of the easiest solutions for customers to deploy and run a hybrid cloud, I’m most excited about VMware Cloud Foundation. The platform gives customers the elasticity of computing, access to a catalogue of services, and a bridge to the cloud all while creating a software-defined data centre. VMware Cloud Foundation has imagined a future where customers can increase their admin productivity while reducing the total cost of ownership.

We want to end this blog by sharing a huge thank you and congratulations to Chris for being recognized as VMware Canada’s Q2 FY20 MVP! Each Employee Spotlight reminds us how lucky we are to have a vibrant culture with unique stories to tell. We’re proud to have this platform to make them heard.


Editor’s Note

This blog is part of our Employee Spotlight series, highlighting Canadian employees who have been recognized for their outstanding service and for embodying VMware’s EPIC2 values – Execution, Passion, Integrity, Customers and Community.


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