Introducing VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE): A Canadian Perspective

Peter Near

Recently VMware announced VMware Kubernetes Engine (VKE), a new multi-cloud Enterprise-grade Kubernetes-As-A-Service offering. What does this mean for Canada and how can this new offering provide value to your cloud strategy?

In 2018, Canadian organizations are hyper-focused on developing cloud strategies that provide flexibility and choice.  That’s not just a set of buzzwords.  Here in Canada we are dealing with ever-changing US legal and political landscapes that impact cloud operations, as well as a rapidly-maturing public cloud presence.  Locking in to a specific cloud provider is a real business risk and Canadian companies need mitigation options

VMware Cloud on anything (AWS, IBM, OVH, ThinkOn, etc) has been a great fit for that business reality and we’ve seen customers making big bets by moving into hybrid scenarios that allow for a  mix of on-premesis and public cloud infrastructure, in a way that will let them easily move things around in the future.  That hybrid approach is appealing, but also a huge undertaking especially when trying to make traditional apps cloud-ready.

What’s unique about the VMware approach for traditional applications is it’s based on vSphere which is running the vast majority of traditional applications in enterprise already, so moving those to the cloud with VMware Cloud is relatively straightforward compared to pretty much every other hybrid cloud strategy out there.  One platform across multiple clouds connected in a way that makes it simple to move applications, change cloud providers should the need arise, and keep it all secure regardless of where the application lives.

Look at VMware’s Kubernetes strategy through that same lens. (blog post)  VMware’s Kubernetes offerings are now building to the same flexibility and choice value proposition for cloud-native and container based applications.  We can deliver Enterprise-grade Kubernetes as a platform which you install and manage anywhere yourself (PKS), or Enterprise-grade Kubernetes as a service we manage for you in the cloud (VKE).  Regardless of where you choose to deploy your cloud-native apps, we’ll help to ensure that they are secure and can be developed with portability as a priority.

As Canadian organizations plan out their cloud strategy, portability needs to be top of mind.  Legal changes like the Cloud Act and global political shifts will make cloud choices in this country an ever-evolving balancing act of risk vs reward.  The VMware Cloud vision is one that is perfectly suited to managing that risk, allowing Canadian enterprise and government institutions to pick an approach without locking in to a single provider.


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