Enabling Enterprise-Grade Internet of Things with Pulse IoT Center

Unveiled at Dell EMC World in May 2017, VMware Pulse IoT Center immediately received a lot of attention as the first solution in the new family of VMware Internet of Things (IoT) offerings and as an enterprise-grade IoT device management and monitoring solution. After going through our rigorous beta testing program with partners in industries ranging from healthcare to automotive, Pulse IoT Center entered general availability on January 19.

Pulse IoT Center is currently offered as an on-premise solution for security and is highly scalable – supporting thousands of IoT connected devices (such as sensors). Pulse enables faster onboarding by integrating with server-side monitoring and alerting capabilities using REST APIs. Client-side integrations are also available through a Python-based SDK.

One area where Pulse IoT Center really shines is in its monitoring capabilities. It provides one point of management for IoT infrastructure, giving IT a single pane of glass for monitoring IoT devices and connected devices in real-time. This ability to manage and monitor allows for quick response to anomalies and also allows managers to perform infrastructure analyses.

As an enterprise-grade solution, Pulse IoT Center has a heavy focus on security. Using the solution, managers can provide over-the-air updates to connected IoT devices and connected systems. It also provides the means to do a clean wipe of a compromised device connected to the network.

IoT solutions are already gaining steam in situations where many different devices need to be tracked, such as monitoring infrastructure health such as sensors in oil wells, inside machines or even in physical buildings like a facility’s ceiling.

We’re truly excited about the possibilities that Pulse IoT Center can enable. If you’d like to know more about Pulse IoT Center, spend some time with the official blog. It’s a great resource for all things enterprise IoT.


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