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VMware Internship Program 2021 is Open. Apply Now!

Are you studying Computer Science, Mathematics, Data Science, Finance, Human Resources, Business Administration or a related discipline? Are you excited about exploring a career opportunity while you’re still at the university?

If the answer is yes, the VMware Internship Program is for you. We are opening 47 positions for the majors listed above in the next few weeks. The program lasts 3 to 6 months and represents a rare opportunity to participate in developing real-life projects and understanding what you actually do on the job while getting paid on a schedule that best fits your university program.

Why applying for VMware Internship Program?

  • Real-life project – you will be working on innovative and challenging projects that might directly impact VMware’s product development or might lead to registering a patent.
  • Mentorship – you will have your personal mentor who’ll guide you through. You will have the opportunity to learn by doing, but also from your mentor’s experience.
  • Excellent compensation package – you will get paid for expanding your knowledge and gaining a practical perspective on your career prospects.
  • Career opportunity – more than 80% of the interns who have successfully finished the program have been offered a full-time job at VMware and have joined the company. The next one might be you.
  • Flexibility – Opportunity to choose between working schemes, fitting both your and the project’s needs.

Tanya is a student at Stanford University, has recently completed the Internship Program, and is now a Junior Software Engineer in VMware. Read about her experience.

Open Internship Positions

Follow this link for the list of active internship positions and submit your application for the chosen role.