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Getting Started With VMware Blockchain


In order to deploy contracts and execute transactions basic authentication needs to be included in your request URL.



web3js Connection Example


Deploying with Truffle

Truffle is a very helpful contract management framework that compiles your contracts and deploys them to a blockchain of your choosing. It helps you manage contract updates as well as helpful tools for debugging.

1. Install and setup truffle npm install -g truffle@4.1.15 and truffle init
2. In your truffle project do an npm init, if you haven’t done so already, and install npm install web3@0.19.0 --save
3. Edit your truffle.js file so that it is similar to below, make sure to change your password, your email is your username.

4. Now you should be able to deploy using truffle.
truffle migrate --network=development


Deploying contracts with the UI

1. Go to the contracts page and click on deploy in the top right


2. Add your contract name, from address, version, upload your uncompiled contract and click next. (Sample from address 0x5BB088F57365907B1840E45984CAE028A82AF934)


3. Select your contract. If you upload a solidity file with multiple contracts, you need to choose the parent contract, so that we can successfully compile and deploy.


4. Add your constructor arguments and click finish. These are arguments that are initiated when the contract is compiled and deployed.


5. Now you can see your deployed contract and available functions.


6. Select one of your functions, insert your from address and add any require parameters. Then click call for read action or send to write a transaction and see the raw returned values.


7. Clicking on the metadata tab will give you the ABI you need for interacting with your contract programmatically.


Known Ethereum compatibility issues

• Contract events aren’t firing, poll methods as needed.
• Oracles have issues connecting


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