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AssetTransfer – a blockchain demonstration


AssetTransfer – a blockchain demonstration – v1.0.5 Welcome to AssetTransfer, a demonstration of how to develop a “Dapp” (or blockchain smart contract “distributed application”) on VMware’s blockchain. This app simulates an exchange where people are able to “buy”, “trade”, and “consume” products (asset). The app tracks the stock of each person as they perform each Read more...

Getting Started With VMware Blockchain


Authorization In order to deploy contracts and execute transactions basic authentication needs to be included in your request URL.   Syntax https://username:password@path/api/concord/eth/   web3js Connection Example [crayon-5f8e327f5d0fc355347594/]   Deploying with Truffle Truffle is a very helpful contract management framework that compiles your contracts and deploys them to a blockchain of your choosing. It helps you Read more...

Fraud in Financial Services and Blockchain


Fraud is a massive and growing challenge for the financial services industry, representing a loss of up to 3% of annual revenues according to a recent LexisNexis Risk Solutions survey. For every dollar they lose to fraud, companies incur an additional $2.67 in costs. Read this paper to learn more about how blockchain can be Read more...