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In our new podcast ‘Connected in the Clouds’, Hervé Renault, Head of Cloud EMEA at VMware is the host. He talks with some of the world’s leading cloud providers, dedicated VMware partners and customers. Above all, the goal is to explore the role of cloud in driving innovation and growth, helping businesses become future-ready.

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EPISODE 1: Cloud on the ground – mergers & innovation with OSRAM Continental

In our first episode, host Hervé Renault is joined by Michael Schoeberl, CIO of OSRAM Continental – a joint venture shaping the future of automotive lighting. They discuss how the firm’s decision to opt for a multi-cloud strategy has helped it navigate a merger seamlessly. Secondly they share insights on the transformative benefits and learnings of multi-cloud in practice.

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EPISODE 2: Partnerships powering the Cloud – Fujitsu & VMware

Our second podcast sees host Hervé Renault joined by Sanjeev Kamboj, Head of Sales & Pre-Sales, Applications & Multi Cloud Services at Fujitsu. They discuss the merits of cloud as a force for good. In other words, check its potential to be a complete ecosystem that can deliver pace, co creation with partners, and ‘scaler quality’ to enterprises.

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EPISODE 3: Cloud as a catalyst for change: OVHcloud

Hervé Renault and Sylvain Rouri, Chief Sales Officer at OVHcloud break down what the worldwide crisis of last 12 months have held for cloud. Furthermore they discuss the role of multi-cloud in making organizations more resilient, agile and better at managing change.

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EPISODE 4: IBM, and the need for speed driving the cloud. 

During this episode, with one of VMware’s hyperscaler partners, IBM Cloud’s Aleksandar Francuz joins Hervé Renault to talk cloud complexity. Other topics are the powerful applications and innovation the cloud enables, and multi-cloud as an agile business model.

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EPISODE 5: Adopting a cloud culture with Microsoft Azure

In short, Microsoft Azure’s Steffen Schlecht and Hervé Renault discuss cloud’s pivotal role in delivering modern apps that power great customer experiences.

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EPISODE 6: Google, making the most of multi-cloud

Hervé Renault catches up with Matt McNeill from Google Cloud. They talk over whether cloud should be viewed as a journey and not as a destination. Likewise, they find out why consistent management and operations hold the key to maximizing its potential.

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EPISODE 7: AWS, Mastering the skills, to excel in the cloud

AWS’ David Lim connects with Hervé Renault to discuss what cloud excellence looks like, and the innovations the technology might inspire in the coming years, in the final episode of the series.

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EPISODE 8: Charting a clear course to cloud with Oracle

As we return for a new episode, Hervé chats to James Allerton-Austin from Oracle about what it means to take a balanced approach to cloud while maintaining the pace of innovation.

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Read Hervé Renault’s thoughts on multi-cloud and how it can simplify your path to the cloud here.


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