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Which vSphere Operation Impacts Windows VM-Generation ID?


In Windows Server 2012 VM-Generation ID Support in vSphere, we introduced you to VMware’s support for the new Microsoft’s Windows VM-Generation ID features, discussing how they help address some of the challenges facing Active Directory administrators looking to virtualize domain controllers. One of the common requests from customers in response to the referenced article is Read more...

SAP on VMware Sizing & Design Example


Recently in partner workshops I have come across some interesting discussions about the impact of hyper-threading and NUMA in sizing business critical applications on VMware. So here is an SAP example based on SAP’s sizing metric “SAPS” (a hardware-independent unit of measurement that equates to SAP OLTP throughput of Sales and Distribution users).  The examples Read more...

Monitoring Business Critical Applications with VMware vCenter Operations Manager


The VMware BCA team recently worked with the vCOps gurus to produce the whitepaper “Monitoring Business Critical Applications with VMware vCenter Operations Manager”.  The paper is available at . The document provides an overview of monitoring the following business critical applications with vCOps: SAP; Exchange; Oracle; and SQL Server. It describes the vCOps adapters, including Hyperic, for Read more...