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Effect of VAAI on cloning with All Flash Arrays:

Cloning virtual machines is an area where VAAI can provide many advantages. Flash storage arrays provide excellent IO performance. We wanted to see what difference VAAI makes in virtual machine cloning operations for “All Flash Arrays”.

The following components were used for testing VAAI performance on an all Flash storage array:

  1. Dell R910 server with 40 cores and 256 GB RAM
  2. Pure FA-400 Flash Array with two shelves that included 44 238 GB Flash drives and 8.2 TB usable capacity.
  3. Centos Linux Virtual Machine with 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM,  16 GB OS/Boot Disk & 500 GB Data Disk all on the Pure Storage Array
  4. SW ISCSI on dedicated 10GBPS ports.

Test Virtual Machine:

The virtual machine used for testing was a generic Centos Linux based system with a second virtual data disk with 500GB Capacity.  To make the cloning process be truly exercised, we want this data disk to be filled with random data. Making the data random ensures that the data being copied is not repetitive in any way and is not easily compressed or de-duplicated. Continue reading