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Oracle Database Best Practices on vSphere @ VMworld 2011 – Las Vegas

BCA1985: Oracle Database Best Practices on vSphere – This session will provide best practice guidelines for deploying single instance and RAC Oracle databases on VMware vSphere and also there will be a customer speaker who will share the benefits and performance gain of virtualizing Oracle Databases on VMware. See below the schedule for including this session in to your schedule.

Thank you all for your time. See you all at VMworld 2011 – Las Vegas. Can't believe it is just one week away!


Oracle on VMware vSphere – Elite Panel Discussion (VMworld 2011, Las Vegas)

We are pleased to announce that the five participants of the First Oracle on VMware elite panel discussion at VMworld 2011 at Las Vegas. They are:

Jeff Browning – EMC

Chris Williams – Cognizant

Dave Welch – House of Brick

Howard Ostrow – Bttw Consulting

Charles Kim – Viscosity Technology

Each of these individuals is a luminary in the fields of Oracle in general and specifically the adoption of Virtualized Infrastructure for Oracle. This panel discussion will constitute a broad industry endorsement of the idea of running Oracle on vSphere. The panel discussion will be a dedicated 60 minute event at VMworld on August 31st 12.30 PM.

We are taking submissions for specific technical questions for the panel and would appreciate any and all participation. See you all at VMworld!