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Establishing Cost Transparency and Changing Your Relationship with the Customer

Today’s IT organizations need a clear picture of what each service costs to facilitate strategic conversations with their customer, the business. This is the only way to continue innovating while operating within budget and competing with the growing prevalence of shadow IT.

To explore some of the most common use cases addressed by IT Financial Management (ITFM), join two of VMware’s most experienced ITFM consultants for this on-demand webinar as they discuss the business issues, solutions, challenges and benefits of a service costing system.

In this webinar, Michael Fiterman, Senior Consultant for vRealize Business, and Brendan O’Connor, Senior Technical Consultant for vRealize Business, will walk you through:

  • Cost transparency:
    • What is real cost transparency?
    • How can it be achieved, and what are the immediate benefits?
  • Customer intimacy:
    • How can we change the conversation with IT consumers?
    • How will it change our business?