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Decoding the DNA of the IT Organization

In this final video of a three-part interview, Paul Chapman, VMware’s VP of IT Global Infrastructure and Cloud Operations, explains why VMware’s IT organization has transformed to a different model—one that’s built around delivering services in a completely different way.

Missed the first two videos? Here are links to parts 1 and 2 — and to learn more about VMware’s own journey visit our IT Transformation site
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If you’re coming to VMworld next week, don’t miss below sessions to learn more about the evolution of the IT organization. You can add these and other related sessions in the Operations Transformation track to your VMworld Schedule Builder today—we hope to see you there!

OPT5215 – Organizing for Cloud Operations – Challenges and Lessons Learned — This session addresses the organizational changes that must take place for IT to successfully operate a cloud environment and to provide hybrid-cloud services; the challenges IT organizations face when making these changes; what lessons we’ve learned from customers who have undertaken the change; and how both the adoption of the software-defined data center as well as scale impact the approach taken.
OPT5315 – Transform IT Into a Service Broker – Key Success Factors — This panel is packed with those who understand the challenges, tricks, and benefits of the service broker model. We’ll draw on the real world experience of the panelists and the audience to help you identify and apply the secrets of successful transformation.

IT’s Next Step—Are You Ready?

Leading-edge companies are seeing notable results from making the transition to a true broker of strategic business services, according to a recent CIO MarketPulse survey of IT decision makers conducted by IDG Research. And, one of the foundational building blocks enabling IT’s metamorphosis to service broker is the software-defined data center.

IT’s evolution to a service broker also requires organizational and process changes in addition to a game-changing architectural approach. Defining the business value for the transition and aligning it to measurable metrics is a mandatory first step. Much of the process and related cultural change can be addressed through a cloud center of excellence (COE) to promote standards, foster knowledge sharing, and codify best practices.

As shown in the diagram below, survey respondents most often view better alignment between IT and business and increased productivity as important potential benefits of a cloud COE.

Also new on CIO.com this week, Accelerate strategist Mark Sarago shares his insight in an IDG Enterprise webcast on the results of the survey, and why more and more corporate executives are evaluating the benefits of migrating to a software-defined data center.

While IT’s journey to service broker to the business will be challenging, companies that are actively pushing virtualization to the next stage and embracing new concepts as part of a software-defined data center have a solid head start. The companion white paper, IT’s Next Step: A Journey to the Software-Defined Data Center, provides more information on the results of the survey and the concept of a software-defined data center.