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CIOs Need to Restructure to Deliver Today’s Innovations

No doubt you’ve heard the argument that CIOs are merely technology brokers who “don’t matter” in the world of digital business. We all know that the opposite is true: CIOs who understand the intersection of business and technology matter more than ever. What also matters is that you understand when it’s time to change your organization to meet the needs of the business.

infoweek coverTake a moment to check out this InformationWeek report, which provides practical advice on when and why to restructure, what guiding principles apply, how to get help, and where it pays to take some calculated risks.

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One thought on “CIOs Need to Restructure to Deliver Today’s Innovations

  1. iwan 'e1' Rahabok

    Indeed the team structure is the #1 problem why IT is losing to Shadow IT. With virtualization and cloud, the game has changed. IT is still structured in the physical era, with its classic silo and rigid demarcation. Even the fundamental Storage, Network and Server team are still working in silo. These 3 are the basic or foundation of IT in large, fortune 100 type organisation. You need “computer” to run business. You need lots of them to run big business. If IT can’t get the basic or foundation right, how is it going to do business transformation through technology?

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