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Is Your Organization Ready for the New Wave of IT?

While most IT organizations have a high-level vision for their end-state cloud, and they have the people needed to implement the technology, many are missing the strategy to connect the two. What do you execute, at what stage, and how do the people and processes need to change to support that? The video below provides a strong starting point.

Don’t miss Accelerate Advisory Services strategist Padmaja Vrudhula’s great explanation of a service-based approach to change management. She provides tangible examples of how IT executives can shift the way they classify services and personnel roles to support the move to IT as a service.

Padmaja Vrudhula is a strategist with VMware Accelerate Advisory Services, based in Washington.

One thought on “Is Your Organization Ready for the New Wave of IT?

  1. Infrastructure Toolbox

    Great insight, simple but highly effective. There are so many IT service providers that all have the same definition when it comes to the services that they provide, great point.

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