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Are You Delivering Speed as a Service?

Author: Joe Chenevey

This week, VMware hosted its 10th annual VMworld in San Francisco. As a company. we’ve announced new products that broaden virtualization’s benefits beyond servers and into network and storage areas. When all data center infrastructure is virtualized, it can be delivered as a service much more completely than ever before. However, virtualizing all infrastructure does not constitute a software-defined data center (SDDC), and that’s key for executives to understand. When control of this virtualized set of network, storage, and server infrastructure is entirely automated by software, it’s only at that point that a traditional data center model has transformed to an SDDC model.

If you’re an executive—in IT, or even more so if you’re in the one of the lines of business—you may ask yourself, “What does that really mean for me, and, can my IT department take advantage of it?” Here are some important points for you to understand:

  • SDDC builds on the skills your IT teams already possess and allows network, storage, and server teams to act as one cohesive team more than they’ve ever been able to before.
  • Policy-based automation—not scripting—is what enables and powers the software-defined data center.
  • It’s not just about provisioning. The biggest impacts of SDDC will be on IT operations by making full lifecycle management much easier than ever before through the same policy-based automation capabilities.
  • Ultimately for the lines of business, it’s all about speed. With SDDC, IT can deliver speed as a service.


Joe Chenevey is a business solutions architect for VMware Accelerate Advisory Services. You can follow him on Twitter @VIJoe_Chenevey

VMware Accelerate Advisory Services can help you and your key stakeholders understand the IT as a Service value proposition—our consultants quantify the potential benefits, develop architectural designs, recommend organizational and process changes, create a migration plan and advise during implementation. Visit our Web site to learn more about our offerings, or reach out to us today at: accelerate@vmware.com for more information.

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