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NYSE Technologies’ Capital Markets Community Platform


Figure 1: End-to-end solution completely owned and delivered by NYSE Technologies

Jason Hill, VMware’s Head of Strategy and Transformation – Technical Services EMEA, recently presented at Cloud Nation, the Enterprise Architecture Leadership Forum, where he introduced how companies like NYSE Technologies are helping financial services firms achieve business agility through cloud computing, including faster product launch, real-time data management and support for trading in new markets.

In this video, Saurabh Misra, Solutions Consultant, NYSE Technologies, illustrates two use cases of the NYSE Technologies Capital Markets Community Platform. The first use case (in figure 1 above) features a client case study of a US firm looking to extend services to Tokyo with no local footprint.; the second is an investment firm looking to reduce technology costs, gain access to new technologies and reduce time-to-market for new strategies. 

One thought on “NYSE Technologies’ Capital Markets Community Platform

  1. Luis D Nunez

    Time to market requires great networking. Virtualization with no local footprint definitively is a key to extend services.

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