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Moving Beyond Virtualization 101

3 thoughts on “Moving Beyond Virtualization 101

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  2. Taylor Deakyne

    Hi Heidi,

    Great info-graphic, can you clarify how you are defining basic, advanced and expert virtualisation so we compare apples for apples with a specific implementation.



  3. Heidi

    Thanks for the positive feedback! For context, this graphic is representing data from a survey across many different companies – varied by both industry-focus and size. So, first-and-foremost, it’s clear every infrastructure is as unique as the business it supports, and so you won’t be able to see a hard-value measure across the three categories outlined; for example, there is no specific ‘percentage virtualized’ identified with each stage. Instead, what was shown was some common infrastructure attributes that pointed to these three distinct points along a longer journey:
    o In ‘basic,’ virtualization is being used as a catalyst for consolidating computing hardware, allowing for more efficient use of resources across the data center and significantly reduced infrastructure costs;
    o ‘Advanced’ is marked by an expansion of virtualization across the data center, including those applications responsible for generating revenue or sustaining business operations. Also, increasing management and automation are beginning to reduce operating expenses and lays the foundation for a more agile infrastructure; and
    o ‘Expert’ is identified by significant agility benefits and the introduction of an ITaaS model, being driven through the continued use of automation and introduction of self-service, on demand capabilities, and the evolution of core processes.

    To dig into the data a bit more – and specifically see more detail on these three points along a virtualization journey – you can download the white paper ‘Catching the Tide: VMware IT as a Service’ under Hot Topics at http://www.vmware.com/go/erc

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