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Is Your Organization Ready for the Software-Defined Data Center?

by Heman Smith

Infographics are great for providing clarity. As the one below illustrates, the role of IT workers is rapidly transforming — and IT executives are keen on building the optimum IT organizational structure for the software-defined data center (SDDC).

If you want an agile, business-responsive, service-driven IT organization, the role of IT must change from a reactive, rigid structure to one that is proactive, innovative and dynamic. The key to the success of this transformation to a SDDC is a symbiotic partnership between IT and the business, driven by executive leadership.

Accelerate Advisory Services consultants work collaboratively with customer stakeholders to assess their organization’s operational readiness against a cloud operational capability scale, which VMware has developed from years of experience with the technologies and processes of successful cloud computing. Looking at the organization’s IT operations from this cloud capabilities framework perspective, we gather information and data to provide our customers with actionable recommendations and financial guidance on their transformation to a SDDC.

When I work with customers, I review the core assumptions for successful IT operations in a cloud-driven world:
• IT needs to change in significant ways to achieve the capabilities needed for effective cloud operations.
• People and organization both need to adjust to reflect the faster pace, the new technologies and critical changes in processes.
• When IT becomes a service broker, its financial model fundamentally changes, and measurements are essential for success.
• Intentional, ITIL-type processes and control are no longer optional, but essential.
• The new, cloud-centric technology architecture delivers tremendous capability and requires more responsibility.

Accelerate consultants can help you undertake your transformation to the software-defined data center. Visit our Web site to learn more about our offerings, or reach out to us today at accelerate@vmware.com for more information.

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Heman Smith is an operational capability consultant for VMware Accelerate Advisory Services. Follow him on Twitter @hemansmith

2 thoughts on “Is Your Organization Ready for the Software-Defined Data Center?

  1. Ed Morgan

    Nice post, love the graphic. There’s a lot of fear out there about what cloud will mean for IT professionals so talking about the career opportunities that cloud creates will help them adapt. Most of the cloud buzz is about technology, when in fact the people side of the equation is equally important. Keep banging this drum, Heman.

  2. Murale Narayanan

    Well done, SDDC will be the future !

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