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Cloud Economics – The Impact of Cloud Computing

By 2020, Cloud is expected to be a $240B industry. It’s no wonder then that businesses are trying to figure out how to harness this power to achieve agility through IT Transformation.  In this “Cloud Economics” infographic, VMware outlines the types of clouds being deployed, adoption rate of leading countries, and forecasts on what virtualization means for jobs and market competition in the years to come.

4 thoughts on “Cloud Economics – The Impact of Cloud Computing

  1. Amer Sandhu

    Your blog have good information…….
    Cloud Computing is great way to sharing resource.

  2. Girish Gurudutt

    Hope VMware will take advantage of virtualization and be a clear leader in cloud computing with at least 50% market share.

  3. Kees Henniphof

    Question: How can 53% of all Russian IT budgets be allocated to cloud, when only about 2% of IT managers in that country say that moving to the cloud will be critically important for them in 2013. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Rgds, Kees ===

  4. rocky

    thanks for the blog on cloud adoption and future … any update/figures on India’s acceptance towards cloud.

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