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Aligning our Cloud Vision to Customer Strategies

by: Reid Engstrom

In our experience, enterprise customers the VMware Accelerate team works with are looking to a number of specific cloud-related initiatives to address these business and IT objectives and strategies, including how to:

  • Drive to a more virtualized data center infrastructure
  • Start a private cloud
  • Address the increasing number of new client devices within the stakeholder community
  • Determine how to develop applications using a more modern, cloud and mobility capable approach

Gartner recently reported the top three business and IT strategies for 2012:

Top three business strategies in 2012:

  •  Increase business growth
  •  Attract and retain new customers
  •  Reduce enterprise costs

Top three IT strategies in 2012:

  •  Deliver business solutions
  •  Reduce the cost of IT
  •  Develop or manage a flexible infrastructure

When we first talk to customers, we find they tend to focus their interest in terms of these initiatives and projects, but they do not necessarily refer to the business benefits and value as a result of a successful implementation.

By not probing for the business and strategy drivers for these cloud initiatives, as a CIO, you failure to understand the linkage that may put your project/proposal in jeopardy.  Senior management has many project requests in their queue, and the ones that usually rise to the top are the ones with clear alignment to moving the key business strategies and value dials.  This is good value-selling practice that can be used to get buy-in to your overall IT initiatives from your peers as well as the board of directors.

VMware’s Accelerate Advisory Services consultants have delivered business cases and implementation roadmaps to address the key cloud initiatives enterprise customers are undertaking across many industries.  And, we have developed standard and modular statements of work that align to these unique projects and reflect the type of deliverables that customers have found very beneficial in supporting their strategies and initiatives.

Accelerate has also developed strategy blueprints that illustrate the component execution roadmaps and architecture necessary to make effective progress within these key cloud initiatives our customers are undertaking.  The blueprints are based on our experience over a wide range of customer situations across multiple industries and are typically combined based on the customer’s scope. .

These strategy blueprints include how to:

  1.  Evolve to an optimized virtual data center
  2.  Leverage the cloud to deliver Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  3.  Drive to an end-user centric computing model
  4.  Develop on an optimized cloud application platform
  5.  Drive virtualization infrastructure management maturity
  6.  Design a comprehensive cloud security model
  7. Virtualize business critical applications

We expect to see more and are starting to get several requests for future-looking customer initiatives that include: Leveraging the public cloud where it makes sense, extending virtualization across the data center with the software defined data center (SDDC), and developing IT capabilities that run as a service provider or broker to enterprise stakeholder and subsidiary organizations.

VMware will continue to develop and extend the component strategy blueprints to address these new requests and cover other common customer initiatives as required.

As CIO, when you begin looking at your virtualization cloud strategy or the need for an implementation roadmap to address one of the key initiatives listed above, look to the VMware Accelerate team for a proven and collaborative engagement process that can help you realize the benefit of aligning your staff and stakeholders to a target state built on current market perspective, and, a roadmap that leverages the VMware vision

Accelerate can help you undertake your journey to the cloud and IT transformation. Visit our Web site to learn more about our offerings, or reach out to us today at: accelerate@vmware.com for more information

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