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VMware announces formation of Accelerate Advisory Services and global availability

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AUTHOR: Eric Ledyard


“Historically, enterprise IT organizations have been the builders and managers of the physical IT infrastructure supporting business processes. What we’ve worked with VMware and the Accelerate team on, is how I can look to shift my team’s view of metrics from things like availability and uptime, and more toward IT’s contribution to business growth; the ability to speed innovation; improving customer satisfaction; and lowering risk and cost.”

– Paul Lewis, Vice President of Technology, Architecture and Security, Davis + Henderson Corporation


Today, VMware “officially” announced the formation of Accelerate Advisory Services—a practice that will work with customers like Davis + Henderson Corporation’s Paul Lewis, quoted above, to help support their IT transformation. What VMware is doing is leveraging the extensive customer experience and knowledge its services professionals have developed from years of working with customers and coupling it with the methodical hiring of business and strategy experts like me and others just joining the team.


For those of you who follow this blog, you know its contributors as business and strategy experts who bring in-depth experience as former CIOs, CTOs and industry consultants. It’s very clear to us and should be to you, too, that VMware is seriously committed to invest in and grow its capabilities to help customers around the world accelerate IT and business transformation.


The services we offer really are different—different from anything previously available to CIOs from VMware or from any other vendor. Many of the customers we work with have adopted VMware virtualization solutions for server and data center consolidation, and are happy with the capex savings.  But, when they’re ready to deploy a cloud computing platform based on a virtual IT infrastructure, guess what—their IT strategy isn’t aligned to business outcomes, and they face big gaps enterprise architecture, governance, operational best practices.


To operationalize a cloud computing platform at scale, it’s the people and process considerations that are paramount to deliver opex benefits as well as those capex benefits that made them happy in the past. VMware understands those needs— and Accelerate brings the content, thought leadership, resources and experts together to work with our customers to layout a long term plan for IT transformation in a thoughtful, programmatic way that’s going to deliver greater business value.


You might recall recent articles covering such topics as measurement methods, benchmarking, and key performance indicators (KPIs) — all required to quantify, measure, and analyze your journey to virtualization and cloud implementation. We’re focused on meaningful measurement, market perspective, and actionable strategy. And, our body of virtualization benchmark data and understanding of the current and best-in-class IT transformation performance indicators is unrivaled.


We’ve also acquired certain assets of Virginia-based Info Tech Health Check (iTHC), which will enhance our already robust benchmarking service to include:

  • The addition of 3,500 metrics, building a view that includes multiple perspectives, making sure the exercise is relevant and focused.
  • The inclusion of 20 industries, providing insight into a broader set of comparisons across organizations and functional peers.
  • Data covering four key geographies, giving an all-important perspective of international business operations and challenges.


Stay tuned as we continue to grow Accelerate, and check out our new presence on VMware’s public website: www.vmware.com/go/accelerate (and readers, you know you can always contact us via e-mail at: accelerate@vmware.com)