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PowerCLI Sessions and Activities at VMworld Barcelona, Plan Now!


As VMworld 2014 Barcelona is just around the corner, it is time for Continue reading

PowerCLI Sessions and Activities at VMworld



VMworld is right around the corner and as many of you are finalizing your schedules we thought it would be a great time to highlight the PowerCLI activity that will be going on.

Below you will find PowerCLI Sessions, Group Discussion, and Hands on Labs that will be going on during VMworld. Any other updates/hangouts/activities related to PowerCLI that I find out about, will be tweeted with #PowerCLI.


SESSIONS: Continue reading

Opening the Virtual Machine Remote Console through PowerCLI

With the 5.5 R1 release PowerCLI got even better. With the introduction of the new Open-VMConsoleWindow cmdlet you can access the virtual machine console of both vCenter Server and vCloud Director virtual machines. To open a virtual machine console window, simply pass a powered-on virtual machine to the Open-VMConsoleWindow cmdlet:

Get-VM “Win2k3” | Open-VMConsoleWindow

As a result, the cmdlet opens a Web page containing the virtual machine remote console: Continue reading

PowerCLI Session at VMworld 2013 Barcelona

Following the amazing sessions at VMworld San Francisco and knowing that PowerCLI took the top spot from the VMworld sessions I wanted to again give you the information you need for VMworld Barcelona so you don’t miss out on the awesome PowerCLI content available.

The Session Builder is live on the VMworld siteand I thought it might be valuable to the PowerCLI fans out there to know which sessions and interesting PowerCLI related topics are out there and what is available to attend.

Whilst PowerCLI is mentioned in many sessions these are the hard hitting PowerCLI sessions which you will want to attend to get the latest and greatest information. I also know that a lot of the sessions have been changed and enhanced to include different content from the VMworld San Francisco sessions.

You may have also noticed that not much of the information from VMworld around PowerCLI has been blogged yet, after VMworld Barcelona you will start to see more of this information and some great videos and examples.


Continue reading

PowerCLI 5.5 What’s New–Overview

At VMworld last week we announced that vSphere 5.5 would be released in the near future.

As part of this new release we will also introduce a new version of PowerCLI.  One of the sessions I presented last week gave detailed information on the new features which can be found in PowerCLI 5.5, the below is an overview of these features.

More detailed information will follow on this blog in the near future but here is an overview of the new features to expect:


New Cmdlets to manage vSphere Tags

  • Manage Tags in the vSphere environment
  • Assign Tags to vSphere Objects
  • Remove Tag assignments from vSphere Objects

Addition vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) Cmdlets

  • Easy VDS Migration
  • Manage Private VLANs
  • Manage VDS Policies
  • Manage VDS Ports

VM Console cmdlet

  • Open a console for vSphere/vCloud VM
  • Open multiple consoles at once
  • Output the URL to open VM Consoles

vCloud Director 5.5 Support

  • Support for vCD 5.5

Host Licensing

  • Assign Host Licensing

PowerCLI Session at VMworld 2013 San Francisco

Now the Session Builder is live on the VMworld site I thought it might be valuable to the PowerCLI fans out there to know which sessions and interesting PowerCLI related topics are out there and what is available to attend.

Whilst PowerCLI is mentioned in many sessions these are the hard hitting PowerCLI sessions which you will want to attend to get the latest and greatest information.


VAPP5473 – Automated Management of Tier-1 Applications on VMware
Scott Salyer , VMware
Jeremy Kuhnash , VMWare
When managing tier-1 applications, automation can provide high levels of reproducibility, time savings and limit the occurrence of error prone manual processes.VMware vCloud Automation Center, VMware Orchestrator and PowerCLI provide a robust solution stack for provisioning and automating application management on vSphere.Tier-1 applications don’t have a high rate of change or deployment activity, but administrators still have to deal with daily tasks and maintenance activities that compete for cycles with ad-hoc requests. In this session attendees will become familiar with best practices for using VMware provisioning and automation tools for managing their tier-1 applications.Real-world examples using common tier-1 applications such as Oracle RAC and Microsoft SQL Server will be provided to put the discussion into context. After attending this session participants will understand best practices for using these tools and the framework for building automation workflows. Continue reading

Vote PowerCLI at VMworld 2013

imageIts time to vote for VMworld sessions again and this year there are a whopping 13 PowerCLI related sessions in the public voting for you to select, that’s a lot more than last year.

There is a good variety of sessions from learning up to the expert, from VMware engineers (The guys who wrote PowerCLI) and also customers who use PowerCLI.

Personally I would like to accept all of them but hey, its down to you so go to the VMworld Voting Page sign in and vote for your top sessions.

I’m looking forward to automation and fun filled VMworld this year!

4887 The PowerCLI – vSphere API Rosetta Stone
Josh Atwell
Conrad Ramos
Occasionally tasks that are simple in the vSphere GUI are not available as part of the native PowerCLI cmdlets. Automating these tasks require digging deeper into vSphere’s API, which is foreign to most PowerCLI scripters. PowerCLI can directly communicate with this API if you know the right places to look.Attendees will learn how to navigate the vSphere API to identify the methods required to perform these tasks. Additionally attendees will learn the basics on how to integrate these mysterious methods into PowerCLI through proven examples. We’ll help you learn the language of the vSphere API and translate it into powerful scripts and functions.
4910 Racking up Oracle RAC with PowerCLI
Maish Saidel-Keesing Have you ever set up Oracle RAC? Have you ever counted how many steps it takes to perform the full installation? How many of those have to be performed manually?Wouldn’t it be great to set up your Oracle RAC cluster with a minimal amount of steps and let the rest all be handled automatically?This Session will supply the use case of how our company managed to automate the full installation of Oracle RAC. Converting a manual, highly error prone and frustrating process, to something that is now 100% automated, and has reduced to the time to deploy a fully functional RAC cluster from 12-16 hours of manual work to a 60-90 minute automated process.The session will go through the workflow needed to complete a RAC installation – and will show you how we leveraged some our built-in processes and the vSphere API to complete the rest of the work.

The session will include a live demo of a full RAC installation from start to finish.

4944 PowerCLI Best Practices – A Deep Dive
Luc Dekens
Alan Renouf
In previous years Alan and Luc showed you some of their best practices and how to take PowerCLI one step further.
This year they will dive deeper and show you some best practices you didn’t see coming.
– The Software Defined Datacenter
– Taking on the MOB and winning
– From vSwitch to vDS
– Pimp your performance graphs
– Common and Cool Community Questions
4983 PowerCLI for dummies
Noam Perimann In this customer case study, an IT generalist shares real-world PowerCLI scripting solutions to monitoring and maintenance challenges in a Windows environment. Integrating vm-level and guest-level scripting, holistic automation is presented in digestible pieces. Even a dummy can become a productive automator.
5019 Automating Horizon View Administration with PowerCLI and LDAP
Jack McMichael As large Horizon View deployments scale up, so does the administration tasks that accompany it. Ease the pain of administration tasks, pool deployment, user entitlement, and desktop image management with the use of PowerCLI and the Horizon View ADLDS instance.In this advanced technical session we’ll setup our Connection Broker for use with PowerCLI. We’ll examine the most commonly used PowerCLI cmdlets and put them to use in real world examples that will help you streamline administration or create automated tasks to better manage a Horizon View environment. We’ll navigate into the Horizon View ADLDS instance to understand the information available, make you comfortable manipulating data when necessary, and show how you can integrate LDAP queries into scripts to aggregate the information you need that Horizon View Administrator may not show you.
5166 How to manage and automate large scale Cloud deployments through PowerShell / PowerCLI
Sajal Debnath The overall aim of this session is to enable cloud admins to effectively utilize PowerShell / PowerCLI in their day to day tasks to make it easier for them to manage the complex environments.The session starts with a discussion on common needs for automation in cloud environment, different methods of achieving same and their respective merits and demerits. It will then go on to discuss available PowerShell / PowerCLI way of automating and managing cloud environment. Different categories of cmdlets available under PowerCLI for vCloud environment and their uses and applications.Next it takes sample use cases and solve those using PowerShell scripts, describing in detail about the working of the scripts so that general idea can be gained about the requirements and how to approach to provide solutions to meet the requirements.In this stepwise approach has been taken where it starts from simple scripts and then gradually goes to more complex scripts.
5287 Open up the vCloud hood using PowerCLI, Hyperic, vCenter Operations Manager and vCenter Orchestrator to reveal the inner cloud.
Phil Ditzel
Cathal Cleary
Are you a vCloud service provider? Are you a vCloud consumer? Do you have enough visibility of what’s happening under vCloud Director’s hood?This session will discuss tools and techniques for both the provider and consumer to open up the vCloud box and allow for higher levels of utilization. We will demonstrate techniques using PowerCLI, vFabric Hyperic, vCenter Operations Manager and vCenter Orchestrator to add both provider and consumer instrumentation to vCloud Director.
5298 PowerCLI – from Youngling to Master
Hans De Leenheer Learning a new technology is like learning a new language. It is especially so if you want to learn a scripting language. At the VMware Community Podcast of March 27th, where the topic was PowerCLI, a question got raised where you should start when you are a rookie. The answer was “many places”. As a result of that PowerCLIforDummies.com got created that would be just that landing place to start.Making it interesting the website evolves through the stages of learning a new language. To keep it geek enough the learning process has been aligned with the Jedi ranks. By the end of this session you will know how to grow from Youngling to Apprentice, Knight and in the end become a real PowerCLI Master.
5338 What’s in PowerCLI for me?
Andrey Anastasov
Vladimir Goranov
Have you ever felt like you are doing the same thing over and over again? Are you tired of clicking with the mouse through tedious user interfaces and endless wizards? Are you having trouble keeping up with the loads of work around your virtual infrastructure?Then you might use some help – and PowerCLI is the tool for you! It lets you automate all aspects of your work: reporting, provisioning, and large-scale changes, to name a few. PowerCLI is powerful, yet easy to use.
5340 What everybody ought to know about reporting in the software-defined data center with PowerCLI
Andrey Anastasov
Vladimir Goranov
Administrators: Do you know what is going on in your virtual environment? Are you aware of the current trends in its usage? Are you in control of your software-defined infrastructure?PowerCLI will help you report on all aspects of your virtual environment and cloud infrastructure. Learn how to write simple yet powerful PowerCLI reports in various formats. Discover the five PowerCLI reports no vSphere administrator can live without and the amazing reporting capabilities PowerCLI provides for the software-defined data center.
5479 To the Cloud, with PowerCLI!
Jake Robinson
Alan Renouf
PowerCLI has become one of the most powerful and easy to use tools in a vSphere admin’s arsenal. Since version 5.01 this also includes the ability to manage your workloads in the public cloud. This session will show you the power you have to manage workloads at any vCloud provider, see how easy it is to create, manage and report on your cloud workloads with PowerCLI
5554 How to use the new PowerCLI VMware vSphere Distributed Switch cmdlets and become a PowerCLI superstar
Robert van den Nieuwendijk While the VMware vSphere Distributed Switch has been around since vSphere 4, official vSphere PowerCLI support for the VMware vSphere Distributed Switch was just recently introduced in VMware vSphere PowerCLI 5.1 Release 2. This session will provide a technical deep dive into the new PowerCLI cmdlets to manage a vSphere Distributed Switch. You will learn how to configure and manage a vSphere Distributed Switch using PowerCLI. Exporting and importing the configuration of a vSphere Distributed switch will be discussed in depth. You will learn how to import the configuration of a vSphere Distributed switch to create new distributed switches and port groups, or to modify existing ones. Finally migrating a standard vSwitch to a vSphere Distributed Switch will be highlighted.
5731 Become a Rock Star with PowerCLI and vCenter Orchestrator – Now with more Cowbell
Josh Atwell Automation is the future of cloud and in this session attendees will learn how to identify areas in their environment that are primed for less administrator interaction. The combination of PowerCLI and vCenter Orchestrator puts considerable power in even the greenest users. Attendees will learn how to identify areas for automation and start learning to discern which tool is best suited for the job and when to use them together.

PowerCLI Lab Online – Sign up now for the public beta

If you were at VMworld in 2012 you may have attended the Hands on Labs (HOL), this is normally one of the most popular areas at VMworld as it’s a time when people can use the applications they don’t currently have installed in their own environments, they can use a virtual environment to follow instructions and see how the applications really work.

One of the most popular labs at VMworld is always the PowerCLI Lab, this was no exception in 2012, every year the PowerCLI team does a great job of adding new features to the latest version of PowerCLI and this is always a great way to check those features out in a test environment.

There has always been one issue with the HOL though, once you leave VMware you say goodbye to the HOL as access was previously at the event only….. Until Now.

There is now a public beta of the HOL Online, this gives you access to a number of different HOL Online for you to take at your own leisure and sat at the comfort of your own desk.

How do I sign up?

To sign up simply go to http://hol.vmware.com and click on the link as highlighted below:


Once you have filled out a few questions you will need to wait for your account to be activated (I have been assured this will be fairly quick).  Once activated you will be able to click on the “VMware Hands-on Labs Online” link as above and access a number of different labs, complete with their own isolated environment and full step by step documentation to run through the lab chosen.

How do I find the PowerCLI Lab?

Once you have gained access to the HOL and signed in use the left hand menu to select “Cloud Infrastructure”


Now scroll down the list on the right until you see the PowerCLI Lab, then click Enroll.


Once you have done this the selected Lab will be added to “My Enrollments” where you will be able to click the “Start this LAB” button to launch the lab as below:


The LAB will now start and you will have access as seen below:


PowerCLI at VMworld 2012 Barcelona

Following on from the great sessions at VMworld San Francisco, PowerCLI will also be coming to VMworld Barcelona, there are some great sessions, labs and discussions available for you to watch, make sure you add these to your schedule now !

INF-VSP1252 – What’s New with vSphere 5.1 – ESXCLI & PowerCLI

Click here to add
In this session Technical Marketing automation experts William Lam and Alan Renouf will take you through VMware Automation.

You will learn which products are available, which products to use and how Automation fits into the VMware Suite of products. In this session Alan and William will take you through the exciting features available to use when automating VMware products, both beginners and experts will learn how to use new features to make your life easier and more productive.

Thursday, Oct 11, 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM

William Lam – Sr. Technical Marketing Engineer, VMware, Inc.

Alan Renouf – Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware, Inc.

INF-VSP1329 – PowerCLI Best Practices: The Return!

Building on the success of our PowerCLI Best Practices sessions from VMworld 2011, we want to show you our next collection of PowerCLI best practices. This session will show and demonstrate PowerCLI in all its aspects managing and automating not just VMware vSphere® but also VMware vCloud Director®, VMware® View™, VMware vShield™ and more Thursday, Oct 11, 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM

Alan Renouf – Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware, Inc.

Luc Dekens – Systems Engineer, Eurocontrol Maastricht.

Group Discussions

GD33 – PowerCLI with Alan Renouf

During this group discussion we will talk about what can be automated, discuss the merits of using PowerShell and PowerCLI, show examples and talk about the best methods of achieving integration. We will also discuss tips and tricks you have learned and the best methods for automating the VMware products. Come prepared with examples and questions and remember this is a Group Discussion! Wednesday, Oct 10, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Alan Renouf – Sr. Technical Marketing Architect, VMware, Inc.

Hands on Labs

HOL-INF-10 – Script and Develop Your Cloud Solution with PowerCLI and the vSphere Web Client SDK

This lab is presented as two 30 minute lightning labs to help you extend your VMware solution. The PowerCLI module covers automating vSphere and vCloud Director. Novice users will learn to use the tool and more advanced users will get familiar with the new functionality available in the latest release of the product. You will walk away with a better understanding of PowerCLI and how it can help you in your day-to-day work. The vSphere Web Client SDK module teaches you several techniques for extending the vSphere Web Client. The goal of this module is to demonstrate the close integration that is possible with the vSphere Web Client SDK, and the ease with which you can integrate your own solutions into the vSphere Web Client. HOL

Attend the self paced Hands on Lab.

Meet the Experts

EXPERTS04 – Meet the Experts – 04

Have some specific PowerCLI questions ? Stop by the Meet the Experts Lounge to book time with a Knowledge Expert. They are available throughout the week for casual, one-to-few discussions. Please reference their availability now and stop by the Lounge reception desk in Hall 6, to schedule a 30-minute appointment. Tuesday, Oct 9, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM


Still cant decide ? Take a look at some of the session videos where the presenters explain more information…..

PowerCLI 5.1 Poster

Following the release of PowerCLI 5.1 there is of course a new PowerCLI Poster, those of you who attended VMworld San Francisco may have been lucky enough to grab one of the few posters we had there, they went very quick and I’m sorry to the people who did not get one.

We plan on having some at VMworld Barcelona (No guarantees) so make sure you attend some of the PowerCLI sessions to get your copy.

In the meantime, for those of you who could not wait and want to print your own copy right now please find below the latest PowerCLI 5.1 poster including a list of all the new cmdlets and the cmdlets in the new PowerCLI for vCloud Tenants snapin.

Download the poster here, this is ideal for printing on large printers or even just keeping on the iPad or as a PDF for reference.

PowerCLI Poster