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Get-View Part 2: Views and Extension Data

In Get-View Part 1: Introduction I introduced the advanced feature Get-View and a little bit about what it does. Before getting into the views and extension data topic I wanted to add a few thoughts as a segway into this post.

Creating Reports with PowerCLI

Following our last video where showed you how to get started with PowerCLI we wanted to take it further and address the next most common use of PowerCLI, after you have connected to your infrastructure people generally want to start learning how PowerCLI works.  They are aware of how powerful PowerCLI is so are a little bit afraid that they may cause problems if they don’t know how to harness this power in the correct way.

A natural place for people to start gaining familiarity and confidence with PowerCLI is reporting, after all if you are just retrieving information from your infrastructure you can not automate anything hazardous. This is a great starting point and you will soon gain confidence and become familiar with PowerCLI, PowerShell, the way the command line works and the power that is available to you.

To help get you started with the reporting side of PowerCLI we have recorded a quick video to springboard you into this power, please enjoy the below video and let us know what you would like to see next in the comments of this blog post.

PowerCLI at VMworld 2011 (Las Vegas) UPDATE

VSP2296 What everybody ought to know about reporting vSphere and vCloud environment with PowerCLI session has a repetition!

If you haven’t managed to subscribe for it in the first time slot due to the high interest level from the audience, now you have the opportunity to attend the second one on Tuesday 4:30 PM.

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