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Load Balancing vCenter Single Sign-On

One question that we often get from customers is how to load balance SSO. While we do have documentation and support for setting up Apache to load balance SSO many customers already own a load balancer or do not wish to use Apache.
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VXLAN Series – Multicast usage in VXLAN – Part 3

I covered some basics on Multicast in the last blog entry here. Let’s now take a look how multicast is utilized in VXLAN deployments. During the configuration of VXLAN, it is required to allocate a multicast address range and also define the number of logical Layer 2 networks that will be created. For more details on the configuration steps please refer to the VXLAN Deployment Guide.

Ideally, one logical Layer 2 network is associated with one multicast group address. Sixteen million logical Layer 2 networks can be identified in VXLAN, using 24 bit field in the encapsulation header, but the multicast group addresses are limited ( to In some scenarios it might not be possible to have one to one mapping of a logical Layer 2 network to multicast group address. In such scenarios the vCloud Networking and Security Manager maps multiple logical networks to a multicast group address. After the discussion on the association of multicast group to logical network, let’s take a look at some details on the logical network properties.

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The vCloud Suite Digest (Apr, 2013) with Pang Chen and Mike Laverick

With contributions from:  Massimo Re Ferre, Eric Fulton, Tomas Fojta, Ray Budavari, Jesse Schachter, Kyle Smith, Francois Misiak, Benham Chia, Ranga Maddipudi, Trevor Gerdes and Ben Byer

We hope you enjoy this month’s vCloud Suite Digest.  This is where we take some questions that we get and disseminate the answers in the hopes that it will help someone else who might have a similar question.  This month, we have some great tidbits on guest OS clustering, elastic VDCs, and networking among other things.  Enjoy!

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Integrated vCloud Suite Demo

In case you haven’t read the post here already, there’s a great screencast available that demonstrates how to use the vCloud metadata policy descriptors and mechanisms to trigger the enforcement of policies in a cloud environment.


This screencast highlights several products included in the vCloud Suite, such as vCloud Director (vCD), VMware vCloud Networking and Security, and VMware vCenter Orchestrator (vCO).  Additionally, it also demonstrates how someone can leverage VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) to provide more governance around policies within cloud environments.

Overall, this is a great example of how you can leverage several of the components contained within the vCloud Suite in your environment.  If your interested in finding out more about the products shown in this screencast, or any of the other products that are contained within the vCloud Suite, you can visit the vCloud Suite page on VMware.com.

Configuring vCloud Director 5.1 with the vCNS Load Balancer

Many networking enhancements have been made available with the release of vCloud Director 5.1 using vCNS 5.1 (vCloud Networking and Security) and vSphere 5.1. There have been inquiries and activity around some of the new features and how to configure them; load balancing being one of them. If you have more than one VM as part of a pool and want incoming traffic to be balanced between them, this is a key feature included with your product.

Today, I’m going to walk you through one way to configure Load Balancer services on an Edge Gateway in vCloud Director. Many of the vCNS concepts and features are explained in Ranga’s post here, Load Balancing with vCNS, but I’m going to point out a few key points to pay attention to. This article takes you straight into the vCloud Director web portal in order to configure everything as a vCloud Director Administrator.

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