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How to Supercharge your Virtual SAN Cluster (2 Million IOPS!!!)

2 Million IOps!So by now most of you are aware that Virtual SAN 5.5 was released last week, and it came in with a bang. During the launch event, we announced some impressive performance numbers, detailing 2 Million IOPS achieved in a 32-node Virtual SAN cluster. One of the most frequent questions since the launch has been what are the details of the configuration we used to achieve this monumental task. Well wait no longer, this is the post that will reveal the details in all their magnificent glory! Continue reading

Virtual SAN™ Ready Nodes from Cisco, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM and Supermicro within the next 30 days

With the Launch of Virtual SAN™ today (see www.vmware.com/now for replay if you missed it), VMware announced two ways that customers can build and deploy a Virtual SAN™ node:

1) Select Ready Node or Ready Block

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US$4,500 promo discount on Fusion-io ioMemory for Virtual SAN™ deployment

VMware is excited to collaborate with Fusion-io, a leader in flash solutions with deployments by more than 6,000 customers, to provide customers a range of 15 enterprise-class PCI-E SSDs certified for Virtual SAN™   (see the VSAN Compatibility Guide). Virtual SAN™ leverages the speed and power of server-side flash to deliver a high-performance cache in front of direct-attached disks to provide scalable and cost-effective shared storage solutions.

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SanDisk flash storage available for Virtual SAN™

SanDisk is actively supporting VMware in our Virtual SAN™ launch, providing high-performing, high-endurance flash drives that enable enterprise-class scalability while minimizing IO storage latency for read and write operations.

The partnership of VMware and SanDisk on Virtual SAN™ was announced in a December press release, and discussed again at the VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) in February.

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Virtual SAN in Action – The DOE Fund

The Virtual SAN team has been running a public beta program for the past six months with more than 12,000 people registering online. We have received a lot of feedback during that period and wanted to share with you the experience of a few of them.

This is the first post of a series of customers talking about their experience with Virtual SAN.

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Virtual SAN Special Promotion for Beta Users

VMware offering an exclusive 20% discount on Virtual SAN for Beta users

To reward Virtual SAN beta participants and coming on the heels of a successful public beta, VMware is offering beta customers a 20% discount on Virtual SAN purchases.  The discount is available to those beta participants who have joined and downloaded the Virtual SAN beta product.

Positive Market Feedback for Virtual SAN

Since VMware launched the Virtual SAN public beta at VMworld 2013 in San Francisco, we have seen overwhelming interest from customer, partners and analysts.  As the general availability for the product nears, VMware wants to reward the Virtual SAN beta participants in offering a limited time discount on any product purchase of 10 licenses or more.  Virtual SAN is VMware’s first product in the Software-Defined Storage category and wants to make it easy and simple for customers to stand-up within their data centers.

How can I get the Virtual SAN discount?

Simply sign-up for the beta, download the bits, install Virtual SAN and VMware will send you an email with a unique discount code that you can redeem upon purchase of Virtual SAN.  The unique discount code will be valid through VMware’s direct Field team and its Partner network.  The offer has a minimum purchase of 10 licenses and is valid through June 15, 2014.

Come join the Virtual SAN beta today and take advantage of this discount by visiting www.vsanbeta.com

NEW CONTEST! Deploy the Highest number of VMs on a VSAN datastore and WIN a $500 Amazon Gift Card

Task Intro

Create a Virtual SAN datastore on a cluster with three hosts and deploy as many running VMs (of any size) as possible.

Task Description

Create a Virtual SAN datastore using three hosts, with as much capacity as you can.  Then, deploy as many running virtual machines (of any size) as you can onto the Virtual SAN datastore. The VMs must be powered on.

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VMware Virtual SAN & Fusion-io Special Promotion

Special promotional pricing for Virtual SAN beta customers: up to $4500 off on Fusion-io flash solutions!

Go to get.fusionio.com/vsan-earlyadopter for details. 

Note: this promotional pricing is for North America beta customers only at this time.

A Summary of What’s New in vSphere 5.5

On August 26th at VMworld 2013 VMware announced vSphere 5.5, the latest release of  VMware’s industry-leading virtualization platform.  This latest release includes a lot of improvements and many new features and capabilities.  In an effort to try and get my head around all this exciting new “stuff” I decided to go through the what’s new paper and compile a brief summary (well, relatively brief anyway).

Here’s the list I came up with.  I’m sure I missed some things, but this list should help you get started with learning about what’s new in vSphere 5.5.

Summary of new features and capabilities available in vSphere 5.5 Continue reading

Is vSphere Replication storage agnostic even when using SRM?

In short: Yes, it sure is!

In this post I’ll show 6 VMs being protected with vSphere Replication.  2 VMs each will reside on fibre channel data stores (EMC CX4), iSCSI data stores (Falconstor NSS Gateway), and an NFS datastore (EMC VNX5500).  I’ll replicate them onto different datastores, fail them over, reprotect, and fallback.

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